Why Do You Need To Update Your Blog for 2022?

Why Do You Need To Update Your Blog for 2022?

Updating your website is integral. If your Blog Is Old, there will be a vast rehaul for your brand, and we at GoSEO have a wide array of tools to help you out.

If your website becomes obsolete, we would need to recreate your website so your SEO specialist can reanalyze this for you since metrics are on a clean slate. A new spruced website can appeal more to today’s standards. If your Blog is New, you better take notes so we can get all of you ready for a blog update in 2022.

In 2021, it is not a blog owner anymore who is responsible for handling the sitemaps. Nowadays, a web developer is more on the working end of organizing the archival data, especially in huge e-commerce sites like eBay and Lazada.

The constant update for the interface for those eCommerce sites is also integral for their success. Moreover, the more they grab the consumer’s attention, the more seasonal discounts persuade users to engage on their websites. Hence, you will need a digital marketing expert who specializes in SEO Optimization for this.

People started with an archive because it was an easy blogging solution. Still, now that it has been an enormous cross to bear, it would be integral for a business owner to hire a web developer and a graphic designer for constant tweaks for their website.

2. Mobile Optimization

Because of Google’s Summer Update, this is the new norm. As a result, mobile optimization has been more useful than ever. The majority of internet users on the planet access the internet through mobile at this writing.

Hence, it would be a new holistic approach to integrate new methods for marketing by the use of the mobile phone. And since it is the advent of Facebook’s new format, the start of the Metaverse and its aftermath will create a new playing field for marketers as a whole. Hence, GoSEO will be here to uncover and test the waters for their clients.


3. Keyword Research

Because of Google’s new MUM update, Google has been highly suggestive of its content. In the most unapologetic way possible. Signs of Google manipulating the user’s preference were not new. It was the reason why Mariya Takeuchi’s 80s hit went viral. Also, it was the reason everyone was into D&D after Stranger Things Season 1. If you look closely, it is even the reason why the MCU is a Smash Hit.

The Mishmash of deconstructing and reconstructing related keywords is an untampered art form, and you need to take notes on this. For example, Marvel’s inclusion of Peter Parker’s tendency to cross-reference 80s nostalgia like Han Solo or Indiana Jones is not just a punchline. That was not just a nod to Harrison Ford. It goes deeper because it unlocks relatability to different fandoms from the Indiana Jones and Star Wars lore.

Some people do these in a divert ways, like in Stranger Things, which accidentally revived the appeal of tabletop RPGs and card games into a newer generation. Or an overt way like how Spider-Man does, how Into the Spider-Verse exposed the authors and re-introduced different approaches of how Spider-Man came to be.

The Summer Update does not only depend on Keyword reorganizing but authenticity and validity as well. Here, we’ll learn from viral celebrities and sensations and how they have destroyed their online personas. A new business requires an authentic source.

Let’s say, for example, you market herbal medicine; it would be a huge plus if you cross-referenced studies about the herb involved and an individual in the medical field who specializes in checking the validity of certain herbal products like a pharmacist. Then you would be likely optimized more by Google’s Web Crawler.

4. Location Mapping

Location Mapping is certainly not a new thing for marketing. This tactic is an international affair for everyone in the business. Especially huge companies like McDonald’s or Guinness have done this since the 60s. International Marketing does it so that they can pander towards the interests of the local demographic.

Nowadays, it’s a whole new different ball game of organizing using time zones. So, for example, if your product caters towards children, it would be integral to time your posts accordingly at 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM Manila Time for the Manila demographic, and 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM for Tokyo, such and so forth in California or New York, and London.

Digital Marketers can use Local SEO and this tactic to expand more. Aspiring Business owners can take advantage of pandering to different areas nearby to their advantage. You can use nearby areas to attract nearby customers. You can also outplay your competitors by outplaying the keywords they cater to. Widening the specific Keyword into a broader audience will do you a lot of favor. It’s a step beyond what you should consider if you want to rise up and get noticed more than your competitors.

5. Content Creation is different in 2021

The most vital thing about the drama and hysteria between the Metaverse and Google’s Summer Update is marketers’ newer and clean slate. Google’s new AI, MUM, is currently integrating different factors in optimizing various media. This cycle of events calls for every digital marketer to integrate their images, audio clips, text, and other interactive tools because these are all integral for SEO tomorrow.

There has been a surge of new supporters of Twitch, Tit Tok, video content, streaming platforms, and podcasts to endorse and mention specific products. Inter-weaving these different social media platforms aren’t new either. But it is safe to say that New Content and New Updates are the apples of Google Web Crawler’s eyes.

The simple magazine, radio, nor newspaper has been a thing of the past for products. Instead, most of them focus on getting mentioned by influencers and huge media outlets like Cosmo PH or Rappler.

Regardless, make the new content matter, make your website a well-oiled machine so that when Google Web Crawler scans your website for site ranking, you get great traction out of reception.

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