What are niches and how can you maximize using them?

What are niches and how can you maximize using them?

Finding your niche is essential to unlocking an untapped potential market. This is if you use a specific niche to correlate the keywords of your content. If you aren’t familiar with doing it, GoSEO will guide you through it. Let’s go!
SEO content marketing is a competitive world. On Twitter, people use hashtags to raise awareness of specific keywords in certain topics. Such is the world of digital marketing.

Use Adjectives and other Descriptors

The Summer Google Algorithm update said goodbye to the BERT search system and introduced us to MUM.

MUM is an upgrade of BERT for Google queries basically. MUM or Multitask Unified Model is Google’s new automated tool to track specific keywords to answer search queries. MUM was introduced in May 2021 and is a work in progress.

At the time of this writing, it is currently available in seventy-five languages. Mum tracks the sources and context in its “about this result” feature. The wheres, whys, whos, and whats of your query are explained and will give you several options to proceed to your question. MUM holistically curates the Google search and suggests according to your query.

The query system also retained the “people also ask for…” and “people also search for…” section in Google searches. Thus, MUM is a work in progress and can help a curious person drastically if only they know what to look for. This is an ideal tool for an SEO expert Philippines.

Narrow-Down Your Keywords

This tip is significant for every entrepreneur because you can amplify your keywords by having correlated articles relatable to your blog or business.

For example, if you are pandering to an online store, an SEO company Philippines will suggest that a lot of it will correlate towards the branding you prefer. For example, you are selling a Macfarlane, Metallica toy:

e.g., Metallica toy> macfarlane> 1991> black album> thrash metal> heavy metal> rock> band> pop music> grammy winning> america> worldwide.

You can use the graph GoSEO had given, but that is a simple example of how MUM tracks a query. In addition, you can use adjectives, colors, places, and other specific descriptors to improve your keyword research.

For example, “Batman Villains” will get you a general result, but “Batman Villains in the Batman Beyond Cartoon Series” will cut out a more specific search result. The more detailed the query, the wider you hit subcategories from the primary keyword you are looking for. Make sure you don’t stick with a one-track mind approach on this. Always cut it wide unless you are researching a specific topic.

It is essential to know the correlation of other keywords to your main keywords. For example, list a location, a time frame, a subcategory, and further specific details for a better query.

It is integral to keep your keywords related in keyword research, but not in a one-track mind. Instead, use keywords like how Instagram influencers have a million followers and pander to their keywords to rake new fans.

For example, Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram posts are brilliant because she uses colors, themes, and references to fit her style and branding. Props to her social media manager for pulling off an innovative marketing campaign.

How can you take advantage of niches?

If you think running a website is complicated, it is. There are many approaches to do with MUM and apply them to your keyword research. Here are some possible methods to improve your execution. This is how the best SEO company Philippines should take note of.

Content is still king. And Google knows that these websites that spread worthless products, propaganda, fake news, conspiracies, and lies are no-no’s on their standards.

In reality, with all the current events in our digital climate, this is a good call on Google itself. But, realistically, no one knows what to do about legal, educational, and health status unless your country professionally licenses you. Even the ordinary person’s financial options are stifled with all the problems that the world is causing.

Unless you’re running Stocks, Crypto, or NFTs constantly, you will not be affected by Google since these have concrete evidence on their financial bearings.

So tell the truth about your reviews, use legitimate tips backed with research on your written content, make sure that your products are legal and safe, and you’re good to go.


Now that you know the consumer behavior, you can also tweak your keywords accordingly. This open-minded approach will depend on how you relate to them as a curator of your niche. You can use this as a default model to boost your statistics in the long run, but you should keep an open mind because there will be new topics and trends to discuss.

Choose your Keywords Wisely

Sometimes, you need to break the mold of relatability. It is not relatable or human to pander towards talking points that are similarly interesting for your niche. Don’t spam your blogs with 50 sub-keywords for your main niche that are all relatable. People want real. People do icebreaker content or break habits just not to get burnt out.

Instead, use your brainstorming list and choose other relatable topics for the content you are working on, but not the main subject. That way, the unrelated keywords will prevent you from losing the relatability of your content. Sometimes, the relatable can be unrelatable. That is just how things work. Use them wisely.

Don’t stick to one word.

Using a one-word keyword is effective if it’s the website’s central theme. For example, something like “Vegan Food” will be a good keyword for a Food blog. However, that’ will only be relevant to one theme. How about if you are covering other aspects of the cooking content? What if you write something about alternative topics like planting vegetables and the Vegetarian lifestyle? Hence, it is entirely better to brainstorm and reserve a bucket of completely relatable keywords from that central theme.

If there is anything that we have missed in this blog post, just access GoSEO’s blog tab for more or just leave a comment below for suggestions.

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