How Do We Profit From Negative Bias?

What do we do if we experience negative backlash? This statement is hard to answer because there is no one size fits all approach to handling negative backlash online. However, don’t fret because GoSEO has an in-depth piece with concrete examples. Here are some ideal examples of reacting to a negative reputation online.

This article will look at how Famous Netizens Bounce Back from the Decline of their online persona. In this way, we can observe how people in Philippine SEO businesses and local SEO companies should rise to the occasion just in case their company screws up.

Nas Daily is a “toxic positivity” influencer that garnered millions of followers on YouTube and Twitter in the 010s. However, several public stunts from 2018-2021 triggered an immediate downfall from the Palestine-born Harvard graduate.

His PR stunt is still effective, and he still has millions of followers regardless of everyone’s recognition. However, the situation is the Influencer sticks by his old branding and pretends nothing is happening.

This is bad because the company and influencer seem unapologetic and yearns to continue functioning despite their negative reputation. However, in corporate settings, it is ideal if you let the heat on your brand die down before launching a pro-active PR campaign.


In response to Astroworld, Nike’s “Cactus Jack” Signature shoe prices skyrocketed in StockEx due to the controversy. Additionally, The Company pulled back Travis Scott’s “Cactus Jack” Air Max line set to release after the music festival. It is yet to be announced, but it will not be a surprise if someone is selling the controversial pulled-out the controversial signature Cactus Jack Air Max shoes for extra in popular sneakerhead outlets online with a spiked price given its history and reputation.

Nike in itself had PR trouble when it comes to popular musicians. In 2021, Lil Nas X sensationalized his signature “Satan Shoes” with MSCHF Art Collective which allegedly had a drop of blood inside the soles and a bronze pentagram. MSCHF collective initially sold his signature shoes for at least 1000 USD a pair. It was a response to their controversial “Jesus shoes” which had holy water inside the soles and a golden cross. Nike boldly claimed that they were not affiliated with the art collective.

These two controversies in 2021 alone are just a tipping point for a company that advocates “Just Do It” and aims as youth ambassadors for individuals who are interested in leading a life in sports. They’ve had a rough 2019 as they have lost their biggest youth ambassador Kobe Bryant, and they had a rough spot with icons like Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, and Charles Barkley in the past.

Regardless if it’s all manipulation at the Nike camp, it would seem damaging for a company whose first endorser was an 80-year-old Walt Stack who runs 17 miles a day for their slogan “Just Do It” in 1988.


Gibson Guitars

“Play Authentic.” Became a meme in late 2019 thanks to the new Gibson CEO, Mark Agnesi. It was not because Gibson guitars was not authentic, it was when they filed a lawsuit to smaller companies like Washburn, Dean Guitars, and Ibanez for copyrighting the Flying V design. In which they lost at 2021. It is not inspiring to new, especially young musicians to buy Gibsons at all.

In response, Peter Jackson’s 2021 documentary, Get Back is an indirect promotion of Epiphone Guitars, a subsidiary of Gibson which they bought in 1957 as a company to promote their cheaper models.

The Beatles were massive fans of the Epiphone Casino guitars as much as they were fans of Rickenbackers and Fender guitars.

However, Beatles members John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney, all had a copy of the Epiphone Casino as their main guitars.

In stride, Gibson plans to re-open their Kalamazoo factory where it all began and they plan to reissue these Epiphone Casinos. They have also signed quite a number of iconic Gibson musicians like Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, and Slash of Guns and Roses to promote their legacy in the music world.

Live Nation Worldwide and Scoremore Holdings

Okay, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you know what happened in Astroworld 2021. Travis Scott is a Houston native rapper who launched an AstroWorld Music festival in his hometown under the collaborating companies Live Nation Worldwide and Scoremore Holdings. The said music festival harmed hundreds with injuries and ten people dead, and at the time of this writing, The headliner Travis Scott, is facing 140 lawsuits against him.

The Southern Rapper faces 750 million worth of charges because of Astro World. Let’s say that the headliner and the production companies went “Sicko mode” and everyone besides the festival is “Raging”, but mainly Scott and his team are to blame for the lack of safety precautions in their Festival.

Scoremore Holdings CEO was caught putting as much money in his pocket on the box office during the incident. In fact, Scoremore got exposed more during the incident and is facing the lawsuits alongside the headliner Travis Scott.

In weird coincidence, Scott still has his solid fanbase intact regardless what happened, and surprisingly, his records are selling more because of the AstroWorld incident.

Live Nation is still booking shows afar from Travis Scott. They booked Jack White, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Iron Maiden in 2022. They still continue functioning as a large-scale booking company for music festivals like the gargantuan rock festival Lollapalooza, Innings Festival, and High Water Festival.

Regardless of the examples, it is still a must to prioritize authority and legitimacy in building your brand. So, if you encounter malpractice on your end, you will have the courage to be accountable and learn from negative feedback and association online and in real life, and adapt from it.

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