Short Form VS Long Form Video For SEO Content Strategy

Videos are getting recognized as one of industry experts’ most effective marketing tools. Given this, digital marketers have stepped up to collect views to their campaigns’ advantage. But, about which type of video marketing is ideal for making a buzz on the internet, content creators must know the benefits of each.   

GoSEO Technology will guide you through the different video lengths available for creating content. There is a short form video on one side, which is critical for attracting social media users, and a long form video on the other, which is critical for a website’s SEO.  

What Is A Short Form Video?

Google describes online short form videos with less than 10 minutes.

Benefits of A Short Form Video

1. It accommodates short attention spans.

More snackable content can avoid skips or scrolling of a post. And, a short form video fits well with this characteristic. To make the most of limited attention spans, this type of video put viewers in a position to finish watching the video and get the information presented.

The internet has become more widespread, resulting in easier and faster access to several contents. As a result, consumers have grown impatient and they do not want to be bothered by brand messages and advertisements that aren’t valuable to them. Because it is so simple to exit a video, viewers will do so if a message is not compelling.

2. It is versatile.

A short form video can stick to a viewer’s memory easily. So, creating a video from existing macro content, such as blogs, is a vital ingredient to enhance your customers’ engagement. Present the message to attract people to click and take action. Moreover, it can draw attention to the textual content of a website.

3. It caters to social media users.

Social networking has become quite popular in recent years. To boost traffic, SEO service companies make the most of social media platforms. People that use social media sites are looking for interesting and relevant content.

With short form videos, digital marketers can achieve scroll-stopping moments in 30 seconds or less. For example, a quirky and brief Instagram story or TikTok video catches the interest of the audience.

When To Use Short Form Videos?

Short videos are ideal for posting on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Be direct about the content and strive to capture people’s attention right away. It is also an excellent decision to design short form videos for mobile devices, as most short form videos will be seen on these gadgets.

What Is A Long Form Video?

Long form videos are more than 10 minutes, according to Google.

Benefits of A Long Form Video

1. It amplifies the brand identity.

Establishing a brand identity and distinguishing apart from competitors is vital for success, and long form videos perform remarkably well to attain it.

Long videos provide the business with a lot of opportunities to take the brand in whatever way desired, from being a learning platform or a source of entertainment for the audience.

2. It adds value and meaning to content.

Many businesses employ long form videos to educate, entertain, and engage viewers, resulting in unrivalled value. Videos that meet all of the requirements are widely shared on the internet.

In addition, long form videos increase loyalty and ensure that customers stay on the page long enough for the website’s SEO to improve.

3. It engages the target audience.

Long form video takes the spot for maintaining a long-term connection with customers. According to a 2017 study, 8% of videos that lasted more than 15 minutes received 50% of the audience’s engagement.

When To Use Long Form Videos?

Long form videos are more appropriate for authoritative content, such as corporate or explainer videos. Also, the growing popularity of live streaming on YouTube or other sites could significantly change the environment. Doing self-produced videos instead of having an expensive video production is considered effective.

How To Know Which Type of Video To Utilize?

Determining the type of video length to use depends on the following factors: audience demographics, kind of visual content, and video sharing platform.

Answer these questions to get a good grasp of the video content strategy needed –

  • What is the goal of this video?  
  • Which stage do the customers fall in the sales funnel?  
  • How can it convert the prospects to buyers? 

local SEO company can help any business improve its online visibility to attract customers and increase sales.  

Which is Better: Short Form Video or Long Form Video?

So, to answer the question, which is better? It is highly dependent on the business you offer and its objectives.

The two types of videos, short and long forms, are highly distinct. While they are functionally identical, they differ in important ways that affect your marketing strategy.

Create short, snappy, engaging video marketing material if your business aims to reach regular social media users. However, a longer video with a broader and deeper story is viable if you attempt to connect with the audience.

Aside from the length of a marketing video, the target demographic, and the platform, the video’s quality deserves more emphasis. Quality video content must always be a priority because contributing value and meaning to the viewers’ lives will always be rewarding. So, which is better, short or long form video? Well, you choose or maybe try both and find out which works best for you.

In Conclusion

Utilizing videos as an SEO content strategy is proven to be beneficial in driving results. Whether it is in short form or long form type of video, the message will reach various audiences online. Try different video content that highlights your business goals and see where the data leads you.

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