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Why Does Timed Posts Increases Engagements For SEO?

Okay, so you go to work and prepare everything—for example, morning coffee, eggs, slices of bacon, and whatnot. You check your phone then leave for work. On your way to work, the traffic is congested. Why? Because most of the people in your area are going to work as well. Do you know where I am going here?

Next, it’s lunchtime. The same thing, you line up to get fast food, and the line is a whopping thirty meters of doom just for a generic meal number one. Because of the first tangent, most of the people in your area will also eat lunch. Do you see the pattern?

Lastly, so you’ve gone to lunch and survived the long line that lasted for twenty billion years for your favorite burger, and you went back to work. After a few hours, you’ve done the job, and you’ve your dues. It’s dismissal time. The surge of traffic is as hot as when you went out to work.

This phenomenon is called a “hot minute,” or let’s associate it with the term “rush hour,” and social media and SEO companies extensively use it.

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Posting scheduled blog posts and social media posts have logic in them. Are you wondering why this is such a big deal to other social media engagement specialists and us? If you’re a digital marketer and it is not a big deal to you, well, GoSEO has curated a whole article, and you’ll thank us later.

Manipulating Your Key Demographic Via Post-Scheduling

Every social media engagement specialist has their own recipe to boost their articles. Regardless, this is not a one size fits all basis. Why? Because everyone has a different persona and key demographic to pander towards.

But if anything, you should start taking notes to get a basic idea of hitting the sweet spot towards your posts and engagements. Once you learn to manipulate your demographic, you have them wrapped around your fingers. To do that, you need to get familiarized well with your brand.

You see, your branding is not the product alone. It also consists of vast factors of communicating and advertising. The advent of the pre-announced Metaverse and the current opportunities and limitations that the digital climate offers are huge deciding factors in speaking by using your brand. In addition, you can weigh-in the advertising opportunities that will affect your brand depending on the social media platform of your choosing. However, it is safe to say that you need to try every available platform and see where your key demographic would resonate more.

Determining the Tone of Your Brand

It would be best if you faced the truth. Wendy’s is a marketing benchmark in modern times because they went out of their way to produce unique branding.

Who else did “in your face” branding that’s out of their tone that ended up having a successful campaign locally? Minute Burger. The local burger joint’s rapid change of pop culture references caught everyone’s eye. From Anime, K Pop, Professional Wrestling, even current issues like the pandemic as references, Minute Burger transcends common Philippine SEO Marketing languages and creates organic responses from the masses.

In 2016, the GMA Teleserye, “Ika Anim na Utos,” became a viral hit and a treasure trove of memes in the Philippines at the peak of their marketing campaign. The show garnered millions of views in an odd timeslot. Specifically, in the afternoon. It also snagged a couple of awards and accolades, signifying their success. The show broke out of the internet because they played with their weaknesses and turned it into comedic relief instead of making the Victor Magtanggol approach of taking the source material too seriously.

Other example is Angkas, who tugs the heartstrings of the demographic by using a millennial voice in marketing events. This voice hits differently because it is like a co-worker relating with your woes in commuting. They also cater to local Current Events with an inter-connecting reaction with the masses.

Now, don’t worry because Angkas is not as unique as you think. Their competitor, Grab does this well enough to have different branches worldwide that offer nearly the same platforms as Angkas and Uber does.

Everything is all in expressing social media interactions with integrity and sincerity.

Time Zones

Since you can dictate and manipulate your tone regardless of communicating factors, the different time zones can be integral for you. If you post accordingly towards the country you pander from and use their standard time, you can garner a specific number of people that can relate to you on other shores.

PewDiePie, the most popular YouTube influencer, did this in the 2010s as he was uploading content for Italy, where his now-wife, Marzia, was from. PewDiePie streamed from Sweden, and he noticed the timeline difference. This discovery led him to have millions of subscribers in the coming years, not only from Italy but worldwide. All because of his character that is relatable to the youth.

PewDiePie hit the hot spots according to his demographic and the timelines where his content was relevant. The majority of his fandom was young adults who loved gaming. Nowadays, the playing field is wider, and with the advent of different technologies, gaining an audience in a wide array of interests. This opportunity is instrumental in attracting foreign consumers.

In Tik Tok, Bella Poarch’s content hits our shores in the Philippines because of the racial relatability she delivers from a female gaze standpoint of men. She usually projects the “Asian Girl” stereotype that men fantasize about which automatically puts herself on male Tik Tok user’s pedestals.

The YouTube influencer/actress Anna Akana did this on a different platform. Still, Bella Poarch fits the narrative perfectly. Mainly because she’s the poster girl of Tik Tok if we look at it depending on Gen Z’s standards for beauty.

In fact, Virtual Youtubers and Twitch streamers do this as well. It’s called “clout-baiting,” and its tokenism is contagious. It attracts a liminal space with a specific key demographic appropriately calculated by its branding.

Now, will this fit your brand? You be the judge.

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