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Topical Niches: Gluing Themes And Keywords For Content Creation

Have you ever noticed that some websites have interlocking themes towards their niches? If you haven’t, then you’re welcome. This idea can help you sift through the topics relevant to you and how to make it an advantage for your website moving forward this year.  

Topic relevance would be a huge deal thanks to the recent updates that search engines had last year. If it’s too much for you, GoSEO is here to guide you through the sea of new information that will swing by you. So, let’s get into it.   

When choosing a niche for your website, it’s all up to you whether you choose an IT-related niche, an entertainment-related niche, or a sport translated niche. It’s up to you and the field you excel in. However, the impact of that niche would be a huge factor in how your website should function as well.  

For example, it is easier to choose a subcategory of a big niche like “coffee” and focus on “coffee machines” and go forward from there. Think of it as using the subtopic to get through the main topic: selling coffee for your demographic.    

Hence, it is safe to say that you can use small niches to correlate to the more significant niche to establish your blog.    

Breaking In The Rankings

You can break in through the rankings of the search engines when you keep on churning out good content each time. And not only that, you need to have collaborative work with other people who are coincidentally connected to you by niche or by topic.  

For example, a guy in Russia who covers toy content with a similar niche can benefit you. As a Philippine SEO company, this collaboration from an outside source is as helpful to you as it is beneficial to them. So, therefore, getting backlinks from them and getting backlinks from you would be a symbiotic relationship for the two of you. That way, not only you can take advantage of the engagement but that guy from Russia as well.   

Topical Mapping Is A Top-Down Pyramid

Handling these topics just like approaching storytelling and traditional marketing would not be a stretch if you’re a digital marketer. In fact, it can be truly beneficial to you if you handle it that way. But if you look at the grand scheme of things, getting a small niche does not mean planning small.  

Why is that? It’s because a top-down design of creating content can help Google web crawlers understand your website easily. Not only is the top-down method ideal, but this design can also help you organize your theme for the website, wherein you and your readers won’t get confused at all about the content.   

Getting Backlinks

Google web crawler does not just base its ranking system on your good content. It also needs feedback and blog engagement when ranking the website. Therefore, the co-collaboration mentioned above will help you. In addition, these engagements from other people outside the scope within the given niche will give you a huge advantage when it comes to your SEO rankings.   

Blog outreach from you and your other neighbors will help a lot. It will help during the engagement and spread the word about your product in that area. Meaning more engagements will come to you.   

The same goes for their case. Organic engagement is still key in 2022, whether we like it or not. If we were to collaborate with huge companies like Coca Cola for a drink-related website, that would help.  

Using black hat SEO techniques like Parasite SEO will be useful. In addition, techniques like creating backlinks when you have collaborations with another blog can benefit you a lot.   


It is important to remember that it’s not only the traditional methods of SEO that can work but also properly mapping out your website that can help a lot for you. Additionally, linking your other related projects with each other can produce a snowball effect when it comes to your ranking system, wherein you have a high authority website. It can benefit your other website as well.   

To not contradict things, this article is explained in a method that the common idea is presented in the first paragraph. Then, we expound on it like a category heading down to a subcategory approach, just like the explanation in the article. This article is glued together just like the idea of topical niches and how it works.   

Hence, every business owner must look forward to how Google updates their system every season. Of course, it depends on where you look for updates, but the huge ones are done once per year.   

Leave us a comment below if you have anything to add or missed anything. Also, check out our blog for more content about GoSEO.  

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