How to Use Tiktok Marketing for B2B to Attract Customers

How to Use Tiktok Marketing for B2B to Attract Customers

The demise of Vine’s innovative social media and microvlogging platform had a massive impact on millennials. However, its services brought up different innovations that were alien to netizens. Tiktok was a nearly direct copy of Vine, but it gradually increased in 2019 until it became the main attraction for TikTok marketing Philippines in 2021.

Social media has been the stalwart for internet marketing since its inception in 2005. Heck, even in the heyday of the internet during the mid-90s, people have been buying things online through email.

Here are several things you would wander about TikTok. No need to worry because GoSEO has answered it for you!

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    Some netizens took advantage of the advent of this new, fresh, and raw social media platform. The Gen Zs had a gradual departure from Snapchat and Twitter and now constantly consume Tiktok daily.

    Tiktok gained more reputation than expected. Recently, they have launched a partnership with record labels and FM radio stations across the world due to their content’s virality. These opportunities mean TikTok for b2b marketing is feasible for everyone.

    Why is TikTok good for business?

    Tiktok is the hottest social media commodity right now. Their content lasts as short as 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

    Yet, it is where the youth, especially Generation Z people, spend their time. Constantly scrolling towards quick makeup reviews and drinks.

    Where else should you see learn about best and worse behaviors and trends for teenagers than in TikTok?

    This app made a new era of music recognized by kids, from dancing trends, background vlog music, an artist’s fandom, and trendy posts from their favorite celebrities.

    The band Yes and Fleetwood Mac had a drastic increase in online streams due to viral content from Tiktok. Yes had a song featured in the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which went viral last year. Jojo is one of the most popular animated series nowadays. It started in the late 80s but had redeemed its reputation because of memes. Jojo merchandise is now getting endorsements from Vans, Uniqlo, Bandai, and Hot Topic.

    With the association of Jojo, an entity that has multiple creatives contributing and Yes getting the notoriety they deserve for being added to their soundtrack. However, Fleetwood Mac has a different context.

    Fleetwood Mac got viral because a regular TikTok user from Idaho named Nathan Apodaca used their song “Dreams” in one of his videos. Apodaca, who skateboards in his videos while drinking cranberry juice, earned an endorsement from Ocean Spray, which came with a truck with a whole load of a drink of his choice. You know what it is.

    He also got acquainted with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. As a result, he became an overnight celebrity. Podcasters, News outlets like Life, BBC, and TMZ, are constantly clamoring to interview him regularly.

    There has been news that Apodaca is selling his viral clip that garnered millions of views as an NFT for 500,000 USD.

    Before the platform got viral, social media Philippines were heavily using this app for content in the local context. Nowadays, local celebrities like Bella Poarch, Vice Ganda, and Ashley Rivera are gaining millions of followers worldwide.

    Does TikTok help business?

    If you play your cards right, you can end up with a viral clip. There is also a new wave of internet influencers and celebrities who use this app. One good example is Corpse Husband. He is an anonymous streamer and musician who gained millions of YouTube, Twitch, and Spotify streams worldwide because of his distinct, deep voice, and anonymity.

    There is a rhyme and reason with the Tiktok craze. Stereotypically, the majority of the youth has short attention spans in comparison to the majority of adults. As a result, kids have way more innovative but fleeting thoughts. GoSEO subjectively understand that this is how the microvlogging platform, Tiktok tick.

    You can appeal to a new generation of audience depending on the content you put out. Just reassess your old keywords and what’s good is if you have an old niche and keywords from your old accounts, you can easily transition there.

    However, content creation from TikTok is different from youtube. Setting the tone right is the key. So the first thing you need to know is that you need to be familiar with how people and youth behave in your area.

    The best thing about it is that you don’t have to look further if you have other social media accounts. The rest you can improvise and improve later. For example, you can use testimonials from other people of the product you have. Or, if you want, do your posts about your product.

    Tell how amazing it is, or tell how awful it is, keep an open mind. As of late, most kids enjoy Korean Media, from Hallyu pop music to Korean Dramas. A lot of Hollywood pop stars and influencers have had an Exodus from Snapchat to Tiktok. Most of them have parallel posts for different mediums.

    Regardless, people also take Asian and European pop culture. The best thing about Tiktok is that everyone has another playing field to try their craft with. Which means everyone is open to endorsement businesses.

    If you’re into the beauty industry, hair dye and DIY haircuts are hot. Cooking food, especially local cuisine and doing Mukbang of ethnic cuisine, is also on point. The kids love energy drinks and carbonated drinks. They also like brewed alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea. They also love memes and curating and reviewing weird folklore and old trends like bard music and sea shanty music.

    There is a wide array of interests where celebrities can review. Like commercials, animated films and series, new releases from famous musicians, fashion, and branded clothing. In addition, there are many DIY arts and crafts there and many talks about new ideas from fitness, mental health, and nutritious food.

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