Is SEO Still Relevant In 2022?

Every year, something new, more advanced, and improved strategy or technology emerges on the Internet. AI, metaverse, social media, and others create trends that people get interested in.   

So, if you are in a business and want to boost your presence online, you may be asking if you need SEO. It leads to a question, “Is SEO still relevant in 2022?” Keep on reading to discover the answer.

Yes, SEO is still worth it. Even though some of SEO’s best and most effective strategies have only worked in the past, it continues to evolve. It keeps improving and reinventing its tactics to produce better results based on user intent.   

Since 2022 has already started, think of how and where you should use SEO to achieve your goals in your business. What are the top trends and tips you need to follow to be ready for the present and even the future?  

SEO Is A Work In Progress

When you use SEO for your business, it aims to drive results for your brand and website. It looks for all the possible opportunities and maximizes its abilities to rank high on search pages. SEO takes on a progressive direction to improve technically, such as establishing new pages, creating high-quality content, building links via outreach, etc. 

Top 6 SEO Strategies To Use

1. Produce High-Quality Content  

A website must contain high-quality content. Content should have relevant titles and information rank higher on Google search page results. This will help catch the readers’ interest and engage them in visiting your website.   

Moreover, it is advisable to utilize short-form or long-form content depending on the purpose of your business. Make sure to add only significant content that matches your brand’s mission and vision. Consider the readability and accuracy of the content. Apply keywords that address the concerns of your target audience.   

2. Prioritize User Experience  

User experience is now included in the ranking factor of Google. Therefore, website page experience can contribute to the success of your business online.  

Every business needs a better understanding of its target users. It is one of the best benefits of using the SEO strategy. Prioritizing the user experience of your website is an important aspect of SEO. This 2022 website is considered an online real estate. Thus, it has to be as good as the physical store.  

3. Build Links  

Google is strict on the authenticity and credibility of websites. That’s why link building is a crucial factor as the links prove that a trustworthy and high-authority website supports the content.  

SEO suggests that websites use links from well-established and authoritative websites. By doing it, the website will rank on top of the search engine result page (SERP).   

When you add a link, put it within the content rather than in the footer or sidebar. Keep in mind to make the anchor text relevant to the website content.  

4. Add Visual Content  

Visual content has become a preference of consumers to engage with a brand. Storytelling and creativity in the content help promote the brand’s products or services. Digital trends such as TikTok videos and Instagram reels have captured the attention of many people.  

This strategy gives the website other methods to spread valuable content on different platforms.   

5. Utilize Voice Search  

SEO emphasizes the importance of keywords. This is because keyword searches bring more practical results when looking for information. In addition, due to the voice recognition adopted by mobile devices and even internet software, users will tend to use casual or conversation questions when they search online.  

For example, keywords like “best blog writing tips” are suitable for typing in the search bar. However, when using voice search, you can ask, “How to write blogs?”  

6. Create A Mobile-Friendly Website   

The number of users who search via mobile phones has increased throughout the year. So, it is vital for websites to optimize their content to a mobile version.   

When ranking content, the search engine considers the mobile version the main version compared to the desktop version.   

In order to check if the mobile version of your website is effective, you can use the free mobile-friendly test or mobile usability report of Google. Try these tools to help you in improving the overall user experience.  

The Key Takeaway

So, to answer the question, is SEO still relevant in 2022? Yes, of course. So, if you’re already using SEO, you can continue, and if not yet, now is the time for you to implement this strategy to reap the benefits for your business.   

Professional SEO companies in the Philippines, like GoSEO Technology, can guide you in all digital marketing efforts. Are you still in doubt whether you need SEO or not? Connect with our skilled team to discover more details. Also, check out our BLOG section for more SEO-related content. 

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