What is Keyword Research?

What is Keyword Research?

If you think running a website is complicated, think again. There’s a lot of facets to discuss on how to handle your keyword research. As long as you have these four points to consider, you will not be lost on handling your content if you own a website. Here are some of them:

Think as if you’re the one looking for it yourself

First, make sure you know your product. Then, behave as if you are looking for something yourself. What would you look for as a consumer? As a website owner, this can be tricky. However, you can use a few tips for this to work. Some people create a fictional character that embodies their stereotypical target audience—even scheduling the post based on their daily behavior.


Now that you know the consumer behavior, you can also tweak your keywords accordingly, depending on relatability. Now, this can be useful if you are doing this in the long run, but you should search for everything related as much as possible.

Eliminate unrelated keywords.

Sometimes, everything relatable isn’t relatable at all. Don’t spam your content with 50 keywords. Instead, use your brainstorming list and carefully choose what is most relatable for the single post you are creating. Eliminate and lessen the unrelated keywords so you can maintain the relativity of your content.

Don’t stick to one word

Using a one-word keyword is effective if it’s the website’s central theme. For example, something like “Design” will be a good keyword for an architecture blog. However, that’ will only be relevant to one theme. How about if you are covering other aspects of the architecture firm? What if you write something about materials like bricks and concrete? Hence, it is entirely better to brainstorm and reserve a bucket of completely relatable keywords from that central theme.

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