When Do We Draw The Line If Bad Press Is Still Good Press?

When Do We Draw The Line If Bad Press Is Still Good Press?

When Do We Draw The Line If Bad Press Is Still Good Press?

Notoriety is a nuanced word. Notoriety builds or breaks a personality. Whether if it’s politicians, authors, or celebrities, even the host of your favorite children’s show, these individuals strive to look good for the part.

They require a certain level of logic and moral awareness to function on their own. In this article, GoSEO will guide you on weighing if Bad Press is still Good Press in 2021’s standards.

Google’s Summer update intent was basically to ease up the search of Netizens for the COVID-19 vaccines. Hence, it wouldn’t be rocket science that their primary mission is to help people get vaccinated, so business gets back to normal.

What came after Google’s Summer update was an integral feature that will affect the SEO World. EAT and MUM. MUM was designed to furtherly answer oddly-specific queries in detail with legitimate sources. Additionally, EAT is the weighing factor that Google goes by while MUM does the web crawling.

Now, what is bad for Pandemic Response is false information. Everyone gets misled all the time, but it is an integral feature to learn from their mistakes as human beings. Therefore, Google does not want to advocate false news or scam websites anymore.

Hell is Empty. All the Devils are in Social Media

In GoSEO, we don’t mind about inside jokes. But jokes aside, Social Media is mentally exhausting. So here are a couple of names that have probably swung your feed during the two-year lockdown: Travis Scott, Ben Shapiro, Machine Gun Kelly, BTS, Marilyn Manson, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift.

These people both have positive and negative reputations. Taylor Swift, for one, is a wizard of influencer marketing. The country musician gets heartbroken, and she rakes in platinum album sales for one teardrop on her guitar. Who else has done that in the age of social media after her? It seems like a stretch, but no one banked on her personal life like Taylor Swift in her prime.

The cult of the BTS Army is a systemic rise of how a community developed a dedicated fanbase. K-Pop, or Korean Idol Music, was premature in the 90s. It has now come to full circle, all thanks to the indoctrination of Korean culture.

The Korean industry gradually did this marketing strategy via teledramas and Hollywood exposure of Korean celebrities. They copied American and Japanese idol culture with a flair of their own. BTS is a byproduct of the Hallyu scene’s response to Japan and America’s Max Martin hits. The Swedish multi-award-winning composer of Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time and The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way.”

Korea has observed Max Martin’s Notoriety of penning multiple number one hits and took the Hallyu scene in the late 00s by storm with acts like 2NE1, Super Junior, and the Wonder Girls. But, unbeknownst to anyone, the second wave of Hallyu pop will set the world’s music charts by storm. Artists like PSY, Big Bang, and the 21st Century’s Beatles counterpart, BTS.

Max Martin’s formulaic songwriting and talent building was a trailblazer that was a reaction of Koreas talent building machinery. For example, the Backstreet Boys’ members are all good-looking, but every one of them panders to a specific market. So be it blondes, brunettes, people of color, and other demographics and qualities that affect the appeal of a trailblazing boy group like BTS.

Some say that the mundane is boring, but the formula is genius if you put things into perspective. Max Martin walked so that BTS could run.

How to Remedy a PR Nightmare? 

When Do We Draw The Line If Bad Press Is Still Good Press?

At the time of this writing, this is a few days after Travis Scott’s Astro World Festival incident, where he incited one of the most notorious concert incidents since Ja Rule’s FYRE Fest. So now, what do we do to cure one’s insensitivity towards a tragic or a controversial incident? Simple. Convert to Christianity or do a philanthropic deed.

Ronnie Radke, a rock musician popular in the 00s, has had multiple accusations of violence and assault. The Escape the Fate, and Falling in Reverse frontman even served time in jail for a murder he did not commit. He was accountable because of his struggles as well. The lesson here is what did this do to his image. The majority of his image came from his sassy and aggressive rebuttals, but to everyone’s surprise, he wasn’t doing anything criminally dangerous. He was a bad person trying to do good things. Hence, he still flourished and had an illustrious career as a musician.

It is still up to the influencer to remedy their wrongdoings. We are all human, after all. But the approach of redeeming their reputation from the public is their cross to bear. The idea here is that some of these influencers or celebrities have lawyers and publicists connected to their agency or label.

On this note, the main idea here is to address the mistake and be authentic. This is where the benefits of an influencer marketing expert step on. So please don’t pull a Chris Brown when he violently abused Rihanna, which led to their divorce, Brown apologized, but he continued to abuse women afterward physically.

In the local context, Baron Geisler became a center of media attention because of his violent demeanor. To his defense, he was a loose cannon, and that was his online persona from 2015 onwards. However, he has now redeemed himself by getting married and being rebaptized as a Christian. Other viral celebrities include fitness expert Rendon Labador, MMA fighter Kiko Matos, the Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, and his feud with Iconic Professional Wrestler and Hollywood celebrity Dave Batista.

Most of the individuals and celebrities mentioned have dealt with their demons in their way. But that’s their cross to bear. The only thing that can redeem someone’s reputation is authenticity. Such is the same for international and local brands that aim for continuous business innovation.

What should a brand do to navigate its reputation nowadays?

If you have any ideas, leave us a comment below or send your ideas to [email protected] We’ll take a look at them if it is feasible for you.

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