What is URL?

What is URL?

It would be a surprise to create profit on the internet without hearing the term URL. However, even the common Netizen to business-centered adults in the corporate world know how a URL works.

However, that’s not always the case. A URL is not what it seems to be, and it can also affect your online ranking. URLs are integral to shaping a good rating for your website. It helps you with website traffic, and the clearer it is, the better ranking you will have on the search engine.

Your user experience will depend on how clear the URL is. Ensure that the URL description is readable enough and in tune with its purpose, which is the key to an SEO friendly URL.

For example, a written document about a website’s services like: https://idcard.ph/should-businesses-be-using-pvc-card/ will track better than idcard.ph/blog/889981721 on the SEO ranking system. Simplicity is key.

The ID Card link is fake. I added HTTPS instead of an HTTP for the latter one. Also, we used dashes and a related keyword to the site for the other post. A cluttered link will be a negative factor for your SEO rankings since it is hard to understand than a readable URL.

Another point you need to consider is that Google bots will raise your ranking further if it has clear descriptions on the URL. It also helps that the site name or root domain correlates to the subdomain, the keyword, or the page’s permalink.

An HTTPS is a security protocol that every browser follows nowadays. It is an encryption protocol to ensure that the site you are in enables cookies and ensures the safety of their data, like their credit card number. So, in turn, make sure your domain has HTTPS protocol in it.

Also, use lower case letters, dashes, and hyphens, as illustrated in the example provided. The rule of thumb here is “the simpler it is, the lesser problem you have.”

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