Why Does Your Website Need To Be Fast?

Why Does Your Website Need To Be Fast?


Data roams fast in the Internet world. It is a common human standard to rush things. This generation of humanity relies on three A’s for data, which means Accelerating, Accurate, and Accessible information.

Here in GoSEO, we make sure that your website is accessible anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. Here are the factors we run through to ensure that your website needs to be fast.

Google Web crawler’s common standard for optimization is a fast-loading site. Its protocol applies equally whether your website is on mobile or PC. Additionally, this standard is the first layer to consider when it comes to the speed of your website.

Finally, you can add that pandering to Google Web Crawler is the must-read when it comes to Google’s seasonal updates from hereon. For digital marketers, it can benefit the SEO Optimization that your website needs. People usually regret how important it is to have thoroughly thought-out mapping for Google’s algorithmic machine.

However, it would be easier to understand if you can navigate your website more leisurely if you based it on how the Web Crawler’s standards for SEO will do for you.

The Rapidly Increasing Internet Speed

The meteoric rise of demand for high internet speed rates set a standard for services dependent on streaming and loading media online. Sites like YouTube and Netflix are dependent on the fast speed that the local Internet Service Provider offers. Without any Internet connection, streaming services like YouTube, TikTok, and Netflix will be bankrupt.

It does not mean that this factor is limited to those sites if you have a streaming service. A rapid increase in internet speed means that you can potentially inject more animation, images, video clips, and other interactive media to your site. The question is, how big is the limit that you are going for on your domain?

Websites do not exceed a gigabyte of storage. If your site is cluttered, you will have a lot of trouble organizing the website. The reason is that the size length of your layout’s images needs to be collected, as well as the audio, the other files, and whatnot.

Curating a website is not fun. It is an arduous process, but personally, it is a rewarding experience to have a fully-functional and optimized website for your business. If that’s the case, you need to consider limiting the features of your site so it can function at a faster rate.

How Should I Make My Website Faster?

Optimization is a massive factor in making websites faster. Whether it is site or mobile optimization, it will help a lot if your website is not lagging at all. In fact, during Google Summer Update 2021, the search engine officially recognized that mobile and PC optimization are merged into one another for SEO. Here are some approaches that GoSEO has prepared for you to have a smoother and faster loading website:

1. Choose Your Images Carefully

The choice of images is an integral factor in making your website look good. If the image aspect ratio is unequal and the file quality of the photos is not updated constantly, you have a problem. The lesson you need to take note of when choosing images for your website is balance. Low-resolution ideas can help you load the site faster.

Still, the quality does not look good as extremely high-resolution images can harm the optimization of your website overall. So, keep it at a resolution that’s just enough. Choosing the right images can help your website faster.

2. Remind Yourself that Your Website Needs Constant Updating

There is something wrong with your web developer if they don’t update your site with new content and branding. For example, if Thanksgiving or Independence Day is on, a small image of the national flag or a turkey would do a huge favor to your website. Because it reminds people that the website’s owner is a human they can talk to, and they would have a reason to tamper with your site’s feature.

Another great example to look at is Google doodles. Google’s seasonal mini-featurettes are fun and quirky and can attract everyone. As a netizen, they always reach that specific sweet spot wherein you would have something to play with or look at with their site. They have benefitted from this with every quirky holiday or current event that is happening.

Google sets the bar on how to attract people by using minimal changes to its logo. Did the NASA satellite land in Saturn? Let’s make an interactive GIF out of it! Is it the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising? Let’s make a mural to honor our LGBT brothers and sisters out there who fought for their rights.

Sometimes these simple logo changes can become an informational resource, context, and awareness about the event. It can also be a flashy GIF that relates to the context of what’s happening. Heck, Google even pulls out interactive games from time to time to surprise the viewer and incite an engaging and interactive experience with the netizens. Finally, it can be a rewarding payoff to someone who got intrigued and randomly clicked the Google doodle.

Google doodles are the best example of increasing a site’s interactivity rate. We all should take notes of how they approach things holistically. There is a reason why Google is the top search engine of all the choices we have out there.

3. Use Keyword Research for Easier Access

The proper approach to handling your keywords is integral for the quick navigation of your website. Not only does it help you get optimized, but it will be rewardingly easier to navigate while it also helps your web developer to organize the features of the site.

You will be pleased as well as it can do you a favor to organize your sitemap while you are at it properly. Since you are using familiar keywords, you now have the option to make everything sensible for the organization of your website as a whole.

Personally, organizing your keywords would be apt for a business owner since images and other media can also help you rank in SEO.

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