How Will The Transition Of Facebook To Meta Affect The SEO Industry?

How Will The Transition Of Facebook To Meta Affect The SEO Industry?

Facebook started as a social media site that intends to gather Harvard students and engage in social activities inside the University’s premises. The multi-million app started as an exclusive Harvard-only site with R-18 restrictions. It was meant for intimate and interactive community building for Harvard students.

In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, announced that they would undergo a new chapter in their business. This change will feature an overall brand rehaul with “Meta” and a VR function. Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s change to Meta, and the VR world where Facebook (or Meta) users can socialize is called the Metaverse. So why is this integral for your business?

In 2009, Facebook opted to make Facebook available for mobile users. This significant change of their features sparked a massive increase in Facebook users. This update also triggered and paved the way for the advent of digital marketing and SEO for Online Businesses.

The company was the first to apply mobile technology for the common Facebook user. Nowadays, it is normal for netizens to access mobile sites. So, you can thank Facebook or Meta for opening newer horizons for the common netizen to help their marketing ventures through thick and thin.

You can see apps like Waze, Snapchat, TikTok, or eBay emulate this advancement when this mobile feature became essential for every site during Google’s 2021 Summer update. In that thought, Facebook was a few extra steps ahead of everyone in incorporating mobile optimization for their website. And to their benefit, this small decision had impacted the internet culture drastically.

The Impact of Facebook’s Odd Marketing Practices

Netizens can access various products and services thanks to several plugins of Facebook’s innovations, e-commerce, and online streaming nowadays with one press of a button from a mobile phone.

Moreover, the use of phones can process even e-payment. You can now purchase anything from grocery stores using apps like PayPal and Venmo. In addition, the emphasis on the evolution of mail to electronic mail has been revolutionary.

What’s even fascinating is the constant innovation of e-commerce apps to increase engagement with their products. So, consumers can purchase anything they want off the globe if they truly want to.

Odd Marketing Practices That May Advance Due to Technological Progress

In 2021, Facebook has registered 200 million business accounts in its archive. The marketing opportunities in the social media site have increased thanks to its innovation and openness towards new possibilities. They gained profit by using view monetization, a tactic that YouTube has used through the years to encourage users to create content.

Nowadays, thanks to QR codes, certain e-commerce websites, like Amazon and Wish, can track receipts and discounts by the consumer’s purchases. As a businessman and a digital marketing specialist, getting familiarized with newer innovations is integral to amplifying your business opportunities.

Additionally, social media businesses and giant corporations have bonuses and referrals through marketing campaigns through social media. This said gimmick is done to amplify engagements and awareness for their branding.

Youtubers and Influencers had cashed in on controversial content or click-inducing content that could shift through their advantage using the Metaverse. The Metaverse can be an ample opportunity for Influencer Marketing because it can increase the Meta user’s engagement towards different walks of life, online and Hollywood celebrities to engage with Meta users.

In 2020, the advent of different subcultures marked the rise of a new wave of idols and pop culture celebrities. During the late 2010s, the surge of Hatsune Miku, K-pop, and the eventual rise of Vtubers had taken the online world by storm.

How Will Marketing in the Metaverse Shape 15 Years and Beyond?

It won’t be surprising if the Metaverse becomes a dud during its debut. Zuckerberg had only announced it a month ago. But there is numerous old tech that could be Meta’s inspiration while getting created. Additionally, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched that history would repeat itself ten years ago as Facebook integrated mobile optimization. So here are several ideas that may have inspired Facebook to apply Meta.

First, we will discuss Virtual Reality Chat. VR Chat is an online interaction hub for people with VR devices. If you have a device like Oculus Rift at home, you can sign up for VR Chat in Steam and interact with other users across the globe. VR Chat was integral for the rise of several memes like “The Way” or “Ugandan Knuckles,” a parody of Knuckles from the Sega’s Sonic Franchise.

As far as VR goes, in the 1900s, it had been conceptualized by sci-fi writers and is not relatively new. VR games like Resident Evil 7, VR Tetris Effect, and Half-Life: Alyx are notably good games in VR. It would not be surprising that Meta and Zuckerberg can pinpoint science fiction references for the creation of Meta. Titles like Ready Player One, Her, Tron, The Matrix, and Total Recall could be inspirations for the brand change of Facebook.

During the 2020 pandemic, Discord and Zoom Meetings had been rampant throughout the globe. Whether for corporate meetings or casual meetings, it had been the norm to meet up with workmates or friends for an online gathering. Facebook tends to gravitate towards the need for communication and interaction, so this might have been one of their driving forces to push Meta into their plan.

The Future of Marketing

Different factors may limit the implementation and innovation of Meta. There is time, unpredictability, and reception. Because, in reality, Meta could be the most significant paradigm shift of Digital marketing history or a marketing flop that vanished on obscurity like Friendster and Myspace.

The blog has decided to take the higher note of thinking of this transition as a historical event. When Facebook becomes obsolete, and Meta’s inception symbolizes a new age full of opportunities for new and old businesses to develop and innovate to gain more traction in real life and online. And if most of us aren’t ready for the online surge that will arrive soon, we’re letting this opportunity slip on our noses.

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