The 6 Expensive Misconceptions Of Digital Marketing

The Philippines recently boomed in the digital space with the sudden shift in consumer behavior brought by the pandemic. As a result, several marketing organizations have been trying to catch up with the ever-changing environment. 

As a result of this sudden change, many dangerous fallacies have emerged. These fallacies hindered success in business operations and prevented them from finding why their marketing campaigns failed. 

Moreover, the misconceptions continued to contribute to their deterioration from pricey yet ineffective online ads to the lack of strategy. 

1. Digital marketing is too pricey.

This is not true. The truth is that a well-planned and executed digital marketing plan is significantly less costly than a bad SEO strategy. Unfortunately, today, the digital space is laced with deal-hungry online advertisers, presenting too good to be true offers that only damage an organization’s reputation. It may result into overly competitive pricing for SEO services.

Boosting your online visibility is not expensive. Unfortunately, hiring an incompetent SEO team may be. 

2. Digital marketing is too complex.

Another false statement. 

Smart marketers have been pushing for traditional advertising for years. But traditional advertising is too expensive and ineffective.

With digital marketing, you can get the same effect at a much lower cost. In addition, digital marketing is easy to implement and track since it relies on digital media instead of offline channels and old-fashioned paper advertisements. 

3. Digital marketing is too slow.

Can’t decide on the color for your homecoming dress? How about waiting for a few weeks before trying on different shades? 

The same analogy applies to digital marketing. Digital marketing can be slow, especially when you play it safe and stick to traditional advertising methods. It’s up to you if you want to patiently wait for a few weeks before trying out new tactics or jump into modern digital marketing. 

It may take a few weeks or months to reach your desired outcome depending on your campaign goal. Sometimes, it takes a year to see whether a digital marketing strategy is effective or not. 

4. Since I’ll be hiring a digital agency in the Philippines, I don’t need to exert too much time and effort.

Wrong! Most businesses fail to realize that digital marketing is not a one-man job. You must build a solid base for your company’s social media accounts, blog, and website. You have to make sure you update your website regularly and create a steady flow of content that will cater to your target audiences’ needs. 

You also need to be active, which means updating your social media accounts frequently and responding to comments or queries from visitors. 

A digital agency can also do what you paid for. In other words, you can’t rely on them to do everything. It must be a give-and-take relationship.

5. Everyone is my target audience

This is definitely a dangerous fallacy. The truth is, most of the content you create needs to be catered to a specific audience. This means you must understand your target audience or customer base before making a content plan. 

Creating a digital marketing strategy without identifying first your potential audience/buyer can result in poor reach, thus damaging the effectiveness of your social media accounts. GoSEO highly recommends you create a persona based on your customer base to determine the kind of content plan you need to create.

6. Content marketing is all about creating tons of blogs

This won’t work anymore. Gone are the days when you could only create a blog and expect to rake in traffic.

One of the best and most effective ways to expand your reach is to create an online community. You make the content and get your customers/clients/followers to fill in the comments.

With Google’s algorithm update, there is no guarantee anymore that your website will be ranked highly in search engines and get more visitors at a certain time. Therefore, you need to craft in-depth, informative content to attract readers and followers.

A blog without a community is like a flower without water. Your online business will dry out, with no one to receive your valuable content and appreciation for it. 

Wrap Up

Do not let these lies get you down. Just know that there are strategies that can help you improve your digital success. Don’t let the old ways of getting traffic to your organization’s website keep you from pushing forward in the most recent digital marketing methods.

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