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The Risk Of Hiring Cheap SEO Companies

Should you Rely on Cheap SEO Services?

One of the early-stage startup dilemmas is whether to get cheap SEO services or not. 

 In a word, this is a tough decision and seductive. It lures businesses in the Philippines with instant results (after a few months), skyrocketing sales, and grandiose marketing plans. 

But this is not the reality. 

The idea that you’ll pay peanuts and expect an exceptional SEO campaign that can deliver surefire results is a shortcut that should never be taken. You’ll regret it big time. 

Take a look at this example.

Company X invests Php 50,000 for an SEO package.

Company Y invests Php 20,000 for the same package.

After six months, Company X is happy and satisfied with the result, pushing them to sign another contract with the SEO agency. Conversely, Company Y seemed disappointed but agreed to keep going. 

Another half-year passed, and Company X already spent roughly Php 600,000 while Company Y spent Php 120,000. 

Company X is now on top of the competition!

What does this scenario tell us? Cheap SEO services can give you instant results, but at a price that is way more expensive than it should be. It guarantees a cheap price but doesn’t guarantee quality.

It’s risky to hire cheap SEO companies because:

  • It’s hit-and-miss. A lot of SEO companies are so focused on the wrong things that it affects their ability to deliver what you really want. They focus on something else and expect you to be happy with the results. They only care about filling their bank accounts, nothing else.
  • It wastes your time. You can’t keep track of what’s really going on and if something goes wrong, you won’t know why. Plus, there may be something more important that you have to attend to.
  • It can lead to legal action. SEO companies who employ spam and unethical SEO tactics are now being sued by their clients, websites they made ranking high in Google were removed from the search engine results. 
  • There are 80% of companies who fail. If you’re part of the unlucky 20%, then you have to deal with the aftermath, which can cost more than the amount you paid for the services.

With quick results, low-cost SEO packages may seem enticing but these points should be considered in order to avoid future regrets and losses. 

If you’re running a startup, it’s all about momentum or speed; rapid and continuous growth in sales, revenue and market share on top of your industry.

SEO Is Never Cheap

A good SEO is expensive. One must never be lured by the notion that you can pay a fraction of what your competitors are paying.

Higher costs do not always produce higher results; cheap SEO services guarantee mediocre results. They are less reliable. One does not know that there is much more to SEO than just keyword selection and boosting your page ranks. 

They take away your business growth time. The time is what you spend on your website. 

It’s time you spend on the delicate process of setting up your website. The time when your rivals are all going in. Or the time you supposedly used to be a thought leader in your niche. 

How To Find Reliable SEO in the Philippines

Your mission is to find your partner for business growth. To ensure that you stay on top of your industry and compete with your rivals. You must find an SEO Company that is reliable. It’s a company that can deliver result after result after result. It’s a mature company to take on the industry’s challenges. 

Here are some useful tips to help you find reliable SEO companies in the Philippines:

Determine The SEO Pricing Model You Can Afford

Don’t be blinded by the notion that you must hire only the most expensive SEO service. Nothing is further from the truth. It’s just a gimmick, so they can say that they are cheap, but in reality, their price is just below average.

Always remember that certain services, like content writing, do not rely on technology and software as much. You can readily find freelancers for these tasks.

The more advanced your service is, the more expensive it gets. For example, if you offer e-commerce, you must invest in complex software and various modules. On the other hand, if your product is B2C (Business to Customer), like a photo-editing service, it’s a lot easier than if you are targeting B2B (Business to Business).

Understand The Types of SEO Services Available In Your Industry

There are seven major industries in the Philippines: IT and Telecommunications, finance and insurance, education research and development (ER&D), government sector, Real Estate & Construction (BPO),  Manufacturing & Production and lastly, Retail & Wholesale.

Which one is your industry? What are the relevant SEO services it offers?

For example, if you are in education, research and development (ER&D), you must look for SEO services targeting industry-specific keywords. 

For B2B, you must find SEO services that use customer behavior analytics software. 

And for Retail and Wholesale in the Philippines, your best bet is to hire SEO experts to optimize your online listing on search engines like Google. 

Determine The Duration of Results You Want To See

There’s no such thing as a 100% result. Well, unless you’re a black hat SEO or a spammer. Most SEO entails long-term consequences, patience,  strategy and tactical marketing.

It never relies solely on a quick fix. Always bear in mind that an SEO Company can lower the bounce and increase your click-through rate, but only for a short period of time. 

Be ready to wait for months or years before you start seeing results.

Determine How Much You’re Willing To Invest In Your Growth

What are the things you value? Is it your growth, or is it your profit margins? Always keep in mind that there is a thin line between being cheap and being affordable. You can actually invest in growth without breaking the bank. 

This is actually what any business person looks for because the reality is this: you want to spend as little money as possible but still achieve your goal of growing sales and increasing profit margins.

Get Into Action With GoSEO

The risk to take is always on the growth path. Don’t hop into a risky business without prerequisite information and research. 

You may get burned, but that’s better than being cheap when you can invest in something smarter. If you’re not satisfied with your business growth, hire GoSEO to help you out. At GoSEO, we don’t try to sell you a cheap deal. We’d instead show you the difference between people who rely on cheap SEO services and those who hire us. 

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