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Crypto Marketing In The Philippines

The cryptocurrency market is fairly a new niche market in the Philippines. Its promise of income return has attracted local and international investors. The crypto market is not based on traditional investment means such as stocks, bonds, or real estate. 

With its high growth these last years combined with the massive demand for new revolutionary technologies and blockchain, it has quickly become an enormous industry for small business websites to prosper from.

Despite the Philippines’ economic stand, crypto marketing is now a trend in the country. Many people are starting to use it and are still on a growing stage. As a matter of fact, the country is on the top list regarding crypto adoption. Roughly 20% of its population was exposed to this new trend, and the figure is still increasing.

But how will it transform the market? GoSEO, an SEO company based in the Philippines, will explain how this can be possible. Dive in.

Every year, digital marketing becomes tougher. It is not enough to focus on fundamentals such as PPC, SEO, branding, or UX. As marketers, you need to be more aware of the emerging social channel trends and regulations. 

It does not just stop there.

Content must be on point.

Automation and personalization need to be prioritized as well.

It is also about creating value for your audience.

Right now, digital marketing companies utilize a shotgun method to get a wider scope of audience. The strategy is to push promos, ads and events right in front of where people stay, such as on social media channels, blogs, forums, wherever.

There are basically four involved parties in modern digital advertising, namely customers, content creators, advertisers, and lastly, the platform hosting the ads (such as Youtube, Facebook or Google). 

With crypto marketing, you won’t be the platform to host the advertisement. What will happen is that advertisers can directly upload their ads to a specific blockchain. The blockchain will be the medium to make it visible to its users.

To simply put, crypto marketing reduces the interacting parties to three known consumers, advertisers and the blockchain itself. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are getting more pervasive every day. A marketer should know how to integrate these technologies into their campaigns and strategies. How?

Social Media Plays A Significant Role

Online forums such as Discord, Reddit and Twitter can be a platform to pique interest through word of mouth. Create an interesting discussion, promotion or shareable links that may fuel your audience’s interest. 

Crypto marketing allows users to choose which advertisement they can see online compared to shotgun advertising. Once they participate in the advertiser’s content, a reward (in a crypto token) will be given. There are instances when advertisers give paid crypto tokens in exchange for personal data. The public can choose which information to sell and to whom. 

PR Campaigns Are Important Too.

According to, public relations can introduce you to your biggest competitors! PR can take your business to a newer height with creative and newsworthy messaging. 

The financial impact of public relations comes in two types: paid or earned. The paid PR campaign will always cost a lot of money, but the cost can be well worth it. On the contrary, an earned form of public relations is more unlikely to be effective and cost-effective. However, ICO list websites and crypto enthusiast sites are where you can find the latest news, updates and promotions. It can be your first avenue to start with your earned public relations campaign. 

To Start or Not To Start With Crypto Marketing?

As mentioned before, digital marketing has become harder and more competitive every year. A lot of marketers do not know where to begin. But this does not mean that it is not productive. With the help of crypto marketers, you can have your website, blog or online store.

A good way to start is by tapping the community of your existing clients or audience. In other words, leverage the audience you already have rather than focusing on getting new ones. You can create a token and make it available for sale or pre-order on your website before its release in the market.

Hire an SEO Agency

Whether you’re building your website or a blog, there is much more to setting it up than just slapping a URL on your domain and pushing it live. Several technical factors need to be considered by a website developer, which can only really be determined through skilled third party professionals. 

You may want to hire an agency and work with experienced developers who can help you grow your business and achieve higher search engine rankings. 

As an SEO firm, GoSEO can help you get top rankings and in-depth knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the crypto marketing industry. If you want to learn more about our solutions, please email us at [email protected]

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