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What Is Meta Description?

When creating a web page, an internet page, or if you’re embedding an image into another website, you may have to input the meta information that gives certain pieces of text some weight. 

The meta description is a short piece of content you can use to make your website’s name stand out and get more views. It refers to an HTML tag that provides a short summary (or “meta” description) of a web page or website.

What you should know about meta description?

The meta description is sometimes displayed in search engine results pages, bookmarks, and other areas where the title of the web page or site is displayed. It can either be succinct and catchy or long-winded with more details about the site.

They are commonly between 150 and 160 characters in length, and should be written in formal tone. A meta description is also sometimes referred to as a “descriptive snippet” or “headline” for the page, and is used on many websites.

In writing meta description, you should:

  • Choose a short, catchy, or descriptive title that directly and effectively conveys your page’s content to the reader. Do not write your description in a passive voice: use active verbs and not passive forms of expression such as “is”, “was” or “were”.
  • Avoid using abbreviations or acronyms in your description. If you are unsure about what an acronym means, check with a colleague who is familiar with it before using it.
  • Describe the content your page has to offer, including any unique features. Don’t exaggerate or be misleading.
  • Write your meta description using no more than 2 or 3 sentences as many people will spend their first few moments reading it on a search engine result page, before reading the rest. You should also remember that a text box can be cut off by search engines in some areas, so don’t write too much.
  • Try to avoid using too many exclamation marks, i.e., seven in a row.

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