What Is Meta Title?

The meta title is a keyword, phrase, or a series of words intended to improve search engine optimization and influence what people click on in search engines like Google. The meta title may be used to describe the article or to summarize the intent of the article. 

In some cases, it can also be utilized as an alt text for images on websites that use image posts.

Tips on how to write meta titles

It is crucial that you keep meta titles short and simple, with a dominant keyword. The more the search engine spiders can find in the title, the better chance your article has of appearing higher in the search results. Make sure to include as many relevant words as you can use as “keywords.” 

Additionally, use meta titles to describe what your article is about. It is highly recommended to focus on one topic. It allows your search engine spiders to take note of the title that you use and possibly help the user who is reading your article with a more specific description in a meta title or description.

Utilize meta titles to summarize the main points of an article, but make sure they are not too long! Meta titles should be no more than 75-100 characters in length. Longer titles won’t show up very well in search results and may result in duplicate content issues.

More importantly, avoid keyword stuffing. If you put too many keywords into a meta title, it will cause a drop in your page’s indexing score. Both Google and Bing use an internal algorithm that takes distance from your site to determine the number of pages omitted from the index.

This number is what determines the page’s indexing score. If you have too many unrelated keywords, they can be pushed further away from your site and won’t show up as often.

Need help? Not sure how to create meta titles? 

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