What is a Broken Link?

What is a Broken Link?

Ever hit an error 404 for a website you are surfing on? Yeah, that happens a lot. Now, as a business owner, you will learn how detrimental this will be for your online business.

A Broken link usually signifies that a page or a keyword on the page is not functioning correctly. There are different kinds and also tips on how to resolve a broken link.

An Error 404 link. An Error 404 link is a signifier that either you entered a dead link, an outdated link, or an incorrect link. Error 404s can also signify that the link you distribute for your business may be wrong, so actively updating your content links is also essential.

An Error 304 link. If you do not have any Error 404 errors, a site redirect or an error 304 will detriment your SEO and benefit that webpage it automatically redirects. This can only affect links with a specific niche and will not overall affect the business, but it is integral to still check on a bad link. For example, if you have goals towards increasing traffic on a specific location, your traffic in that keyword will be affected.

Getting your keyword unmentioned by a co-collaborator site. Your outbound links from other websites will influence your SEO. A dead link will also be detrimental to your site traffic and search engine ranking that I can vouch that an archive tracking app is a need for a modern businessman. Google bots or Web Crawlers cannot read dead links. You just have to contact that website owner/web administrator about it. It is also your responsibility as a website owner to check your links from time to time.

Therefore, it is safe to say that investing in an archive tracker is good to make sure that every link in your website is working. Error 404s cannot necessarily affect your SEO, but it will likely bother many visitors and affect your site traffic.

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