How Can BPO Companies Take Advantage of SEO in 2022

How Can BPO Companies Take Advantage of SEO in 2022

Since 1992, the Philippines have had their call center and BPO employment boom. As a result, there is a whopping rough count of 700 active BPO companies in the country at this writing.

Most of the percentage of BPO companies have branches in the Philippines. All of these companies occupy the majority of corporate work in the Philippines.

Hence, GoSEO has curated an in-depth piece about local SEO for BPO companies in 2021. So, let’s get to it.

BPO (business process outsourcing) company can benefit from SEO by documenting the growth of its services. A well-optimized website is a sign that a BPO company can recruit and function well as an organization. Most customer service or logistics company’s services use phone calls and the internet to facilitate their services. The majority of it is archived and documented on computers.

BPO companies can cover a vast field of business. As a result, they offer a plethora of job opportunities. These job descriptions need individuals to train in marketing, customer service, logistics, e-commerce, and even SEO. This field of business has been active since 1999, thanks to SYKES having the first BPO branch in the country.

But call center companies have dominated the business sectors of the corporate side of the Philippines since 1992. BPO and Call Center companies go hand in hand because they have similar business patterns and same time shifting for their workers. Most of them have either US time or Australian work schedules.

The Ongoing Rise of BPO in the Philippines

Industry experts expect the Philippines to cover 15% of most outsourcing services, including BPO and Call Centers, by 2022.

The Philippines has an enormous population of BPO or customer service representatives on the planet. Why? Because of the massive increase of fresh young adults. This specific age range will tend to look for work while studying. At the same time, young adults in college will look for internships to experience the work environment.

Seven hundred companies handle sub-departments and sub-clients affiliated with them. These companies will compete with that demographic soon.

Why must we urge BPO Companies to use SEO?

BPO is a competitive market investment. Therefore, the constant need of BPO companies to optimize the location mapping on their branches is integral. Furthermore, this SEO method can be used as an advertisement for the company at the same time. These companies are desperate to compete against other BPO companies for the recruitment of new employees.

Moreover, Search Engine Optimization helps market their recruitment specifically from different angles. BPO companies can familiarize their target demographic depending on their online presence on job hunting sites and social media.

Among all of the BPO dominant countries, the Philippines is the go-to place for the industry. The other companies that stand close are India, the United States, and the United Kingdom, to name a few. However, the Philippines overtook India last year as they have gained 30% more in revenue than the other countries mentioned.

It is a no-brainer that the Philippines is the go-to place for foreigners when it comes to their affinity to English-speaking countries. The Philippines were close allies of the United States for almost a century. It is not only the Filipino’s gravitation towards English, but their accolades in animation, accounting, graphic design, IT, and software engineering that are competent enough compared to their friendly neighbors that make this country marketable for BPO.

The Philippines also has the natural tendency to make their new recruit fluent in English; therefore, if there was a BPO mecca in the world, it has to be this country. In addition, foreign investors have always opted to go to the Philippines because they can save their money for over 60-80 percent of the cost of living for the majority of Filipinos.

Competitive Marketing

There are 700 BPO companies active in the Philippines. These companies are desperate to recruit millions of Filipinos for jobs. In social media alone, you can feel their presence by accidentally pressing on their links on Facebook.

Besides that, Filipinos have a 91% literacy rate, a low cost of living compared to other countries, and a good English accent.

Besides, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain are the leading BPO-adjacent countries that outsource their work here in the Philippines.

By 2035, 100 million Filipinos would have reached young adulthood, and most of these kids will need extra money for college and other funds. They will be the cream of the crop of BPO companies and will be the ideal product of the ongoing rise of the BPO industry.

At the same time, the SEO industry is lenient with co-collaborating with BPO companies since they want to focus on reshaping and appropriating their branding towards their target demographic. Digital Marketing Experts can help BPO companies since they know what makes the audience tick when their numbers grow from engagements.

Not only that, but the 700 companies in the Philippines are always looking for innovative ways to persuade their customers and employees that they create the best customer-employee relationship out there.

Location Mapping

Huge BPO companies do not just aim for number one in their branch. They strive to be number one in SEO rankings on every location in the Philippines. They approach it to spread their relevance to the masses to recruit and make their business more active by getting new hires. Whether it’s in Quezon City or Makati City, they make sure that they have covered at least the major cities in this country.


Getting SEO for BPO companies can vastly help their recruitment process, especially in the bleakest times where their presence is limited. BPO companies allow social media presence and job-hunting sites like LinkedIn.

By properly using SEO techniques and social media presence, BPO companies can increase the leverage of their engagements from pre-employment to discovering SMEs and new probable customers for their company.

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