How Important Is Google Web Crawler?

How Important Is Google Web Crawler?

Ever wonder how SEO rankings work? If you’re a businessman who is just getting started with SEO, then you’re in the right place! Google has developed a device to automate its ranking factors on Google. However, since they cannot maximally track all of the websites on the planet for relevance, GoSEO curated a well-thought-of blog post for you.

Google Web Crawler is an integral part of Google’s search engine technology to filter and separate legitimate and malicious websites from each other. They do this by either sinking malicious websites that practice black hat SEO or other bad business practices like human trafficking, drug trade, and black propaganda. Therefore, it is integral to what factors you should suggest to your SEO Specialist to successfully transition from manual to digital marketing from a businessman’s perspective.

The factor for legitimate optimization is mobile accessibility. Therefore, it is more integral for the web crawler to ensure the performance factor when accessible on mobile. Since Facebook’s 2009 transition into mobile optimization, this has been the cardinal rule for website ranking. However, it has come to Google’s senses that it is indeed a must for every website to be optimized in mobile.

Facebook’s action to optimize their websites had been impactful enough that we have apps dependent on mobile for their core business like Waze, Uber, and Panda Express, to name a few.

Because Facebook transitions to VR, there will be a new standard on Digital Marketing that will impact the future ten years of communicating, marketing, transacting and advertising online. So, it won’t be a surprise to a business like GoSEO to undergo rigorous marketing strategy research as early as now for the future of Digital Marketing once Mark Zuckerberg announced the Metaverse.

However, there is a standard 60% mobile user and 40% PC user ratio in 2021. Roughly, the mobile users had increased by 2%, so there is a rough 62-38 estimate for quite some time now. This slight rise is due to the recurring pandemic restrictions and the increasing number of Internet users.

So, should mobile optimization be the number one priority of a website to increase rankings? No question. Mobile users and their technology have been rapidly rising since 2009. Please remember that this is the number one factor for Search Engine Optimization. There are other factors afterward that businesses need to take notes of. But due to Google’s Summer update, this is the leading standard at the time of this writing.

Factors to Consider About the Google Web Crawler

Google Web Crawlers function accordingly depending on the protocol that the search engine’s web team protocols. Therefore, a Digital Marketing Expert should be adept at the updates regarding Google’s standards on optimizing websites. Here are some of the factors in the recent updates that you need to get familiarized with for the benefit of your business:

Let’s say that there is an Internet Spider who looks for things to eat, and the websites with the most attractive and most extensive bait are the ones that get eaten first by it. That is how Google Web crawler functions. The Digital marketer’s job is to reel the spider into the bait so that it consumes your business and gets ranked better.

Not only that, but the web crawler also throws the bad-looking sites away from the web as far as it does. Meaning, if you have malicious scams or false content on your website, Web crawler will automatically kick it out of its cobweb. Here are the other factors that may make or break your site in front of Google Web Crawler’s eyes:

1. The Summer Update

Google’s Summer update was a necessary change in ranking factors in SEO. You can narrow it down to one word, legitimacy. Google wanted to ensure that Google had spread the news about the COVID-19 vaccine correctly all across the map. It was their core intent to provide excellent and helpful information with proper citation.

Besides citation, mobile optimization is in first gear as the prime standard for SEO optimization. This season’s update is quite an improvement in comparison to the previous year’s neglect for it. Additionally, other search protocols, like MUM and EAT, have been applied, solidifying the need for legitimate and honest transactions for businesses based on the Internet.

2. MUM

MUM, also known as Multitask Unified Model, is the predecessor of Google’s previous AI, BERT. MUM is supposed to narrow down and contextualize the sources of your query. If you look closely at your google queries, there will be oddly specific results that you may dig further for the citation of the search result.

Hence, MUM is a far more superior version of BERT. You can consider MUM as a real Mom. MUM is a know-it-all that would shove real facts in front of your eyes and is reasonable enough to explain why it functions that way. A real MUM knows and responds to anything catastrophic with grit, reasoning, and logic. That is what MUM does to a query that you have.

It is worth mentioning that with MUM’s ongoing progress and updates in the future, a digital marketer and a businessman’s main mission is to be an attractive enough bait so that the Web Crawler consumes your website. You can do this by simplifying your website’s keywords and giving it a variety of alternatives so you can familiarize yourself with what you can use as a brand.

3. EAT

EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is part of Google’s Summer 2021 update, which focuses on the authenticity of the web pages that Google considers for the rankings. So, let’s say that if an individual, like Nas Daily, who gained a notorious reputation for illegal malpractice of documents for exploiting a 102-year-old Filipina traditional tattoo artist, they will have a digital downward spiral awaiting them.

Google Web Crawler has automatically captivated bylines for blog posts, mobile optimization, reputation analysis, and legitimacy of one’s profession on its optimization standards. Therefore, falsifying jobs or a scam website will have trouble optimizing their sites unless they have a digital marketing company to work and tweak their website.

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