What is Google Algorithm?

What is Google Algorithm?

Since 2000, the Marketing Community has watched Google, MSN, and Yahoo algorithm updates. However, Yahoo and MSN are nearly obsolete nowadays. Hence, People tend to look at Google’s analytics for standard procedure.

These tweaks have become an enormous factor that SEO and Digital Marketing experts need to keep track of as Google is the world’s most relevant search engine. However, in 2005-2011, SEO Marketers had kept track on the Google ranking system and that it was integral for all businesses. Some have even used Black hat or potentially harmful practices to keep being relevant in Google’s algorithm. Through time, these were tracked and fixed through their updates.

Google algorithm is the personal standard they set for site relevance and trends. Therefore, the Google ranking system is a huge factor you need to watch out for if you have a business online.

As of July 2021, The Google update has increased its standard towards safe browsing, mobile responsiveness, HTTPS usage, and lesser pop-up ads.

Nowadays, it will not be surprising if several factors are treated as the standard to increase the ranking of one’s website.

The key to Google rankings is that they keep on making sure that these standards will increase its tendency to help every google user make their lives easier by using the search bar.

These features, like the ”people also ask…” section, the maps, images, shopping, videos, and even the like or dislike bar, are essential standards for Google rankings.

Since there has been an enormous consideration for mobile responsiveness, site owners like you should make your website as mobile-friendly as possible. Everyone’s job will be easier if your website is easier to navigate and understand, whether on desktop or on mobile.

Since we are on the topic of easy navigation, make your descriptions easier and the images compressed. More specific features will make the site load faster. The faster the loading rate we have for mobile, the better our rankings are.

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