Why Building A Core Demo Persona Matters?

What separates a traditional marketer from a digital marketer? Realistically? Six Feet. But jokes aside, there is something that new digital marketers need to learn from traditional ones.

If you would like to set that aside, GoSEO has prepared an informative think piece involving the traditional but still creative and useful process of identifying your business’ selling point.

A key demographic is an integral branding decision based on analytical and sociological studies in the past. Before the internet, this was a company secret, and no one should spill their own selling point. It’s like a witch exposing their name to mere mortals. It’s a Deathwish.

Businesses usually grab the data from other marketers in their related fields. What they obtain from researchers who do extensive surveys and studies about them in itself will shape their business in a minimum of 5 to 20 years. It all depends on the team execution and the decision of the stakeholders and owner of the company. A business will strictly follow these marketing strategies.

From typefaces to behavior, the tone in writing, tone in speaking, and even the color schemes, the company will strictly apply this brand bible in a given period of time for that marketing campaign. It is all by design because it helps get recognized a certain way. So, for example, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut would behave and approach their customers uniquely.

Now, wouldn’t you have guessed that Digital Marketing Experts use these vital points for their SEO Optimization method? If you do not know, GoSEO will spill the facts for all of you.

Not only is this integral for your brand, but it is instrumental for the shape of the SEO specialist’s tone when interacting. Other factors include the time they should do so, the age, and the point of interest for talking points. To reach a newer audience, you need to consider these several factors:

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Pinpointing the Age Range of Your Audience

If you think about it, the longer we get exposed to the normalization of Internet use, the older the demographic gets for SEO. The longer we get exposed to this new culture, the more stereotypes we have for the youth.

The oldest demographic would be the retiring age or the Golden era. These individuals would depend on the spoils of what they worked for as adults. As a result, most of them usually plan to invest or gamble their income on stocks or online gambling sites.

The Boomer Stage would be the older ones on the business or people looking at retirement. They are experienced on the Internet or willing to do their startup business.

Next are the Gen X individuals. Jacks of All trades or Aimless Masters and multitaskers willing to expand what they know of the marketing world.

After Gen X are the Gen Y or Millennials, these individuals are the adults in their prime. They are the ones who have developed an array of knowledge and experience. Most of these individuals have college degrees and have day jobs.

Next are the Gen Z individuals who are starting as professionals or plainly finishing out their college degrees or master’s degrees. These are the prime individuals who consume the Internet the most.

After Gen Z is Generation Alpha, the new bloods who will take over the new age of the Internet. These kids grew up with the Internet, and all its woes, failures hold dear the drive or Discontent for the future.

Now that you know about the basic age range and its stereotypes and loose observations. Not all of these sociological data are accurate representations, and these are all mere observations.


Timed posts are important. The plain knowledge of different international time zones is useful in itself for marketing purposes.

The age would depend on your persona’s target demographic and your own ability to measure how a common millennial, how a Gen Z would spend their day, and when you strike most so that they take notice of your product perfectly. Hook, line, and sinker. These factors are integral, all thanks to mapping out your location on the planet.

Your social media posts can be timed differently, depending on the key demographic you are targeting online to take notice of your posts. 7 am and 5 pm would be the “rush hour” for Gen Z students as they get off class stereotypically at that time.


Niches serve as a crossroad from an age group to correlate with one another. Like how a Gen Alpha would see a children’s toy and the parent, a Gen X individual would share an interest with each other.

The cardinal rule towards this is that everyone at some point would relate with each other, and it is our job as a Digital Marketing Company to bridge that gap for a certain level of relatability to nearly everyone.

These are specific factors that pinpoint those traits that those age range and other age groups cross and somehow relate with one another. Millennials and Gen Zs would relate to something like memes. Gen Alpha would correlate with the older groups because of their introduction to older culture like pop culture, sports, and other hobbies.

Besides hobbies and interests, people can also connect through universal topics like a new product from a huge company like Apple or IKEA. Or a celebrity that two or more groups can get a reaction from.

It is the job of an SEO Specialist from GoSEO to curate and market our clients to these people so they would understand the context of the products that we offer.

The niches in themselves are talking points to discuss the product’s marketability. Also, how the products we offer reflect their value to our culture as humans. Besides the main point of the product, the other related topics need to be attached so that we can weigh any opportunity possible for connections. This is where the keywords become useful.

The Speaking Tone Matters Just as Much as Your Branding

Now, we should start with tone. Depending on what you have decided to put in your brand, this will affect how you talk to people entirely. Nationalities, culture, and branding will be important reminders for these points.

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