What is a Hyperlink?

What is a Hyperlink?

It may not be evident to you, but have you seen a highlighted or an underlined link colored differently on your screen while browsing the internet?

This highlighted text is called a hyperlink. Those lead directly to another page which is called the link page.

Now, these link pages are integral for your website. The more your website is frequently linked, especially in big affiliate websites, the higher your website ranks.

Significant affiliate links may vary but are easy to find. Some legitimate websites may also be on specific domains like “.edu,” “.org,” “.net,” or a “.gov” platform. Any credible website or blog can be a valuable source. However, reputable domains are the key to skyrocket your site to the top. Getting your business mentioned on recognized business magazines like Forbes or Entrepreneur will increase virality and skyrocket your rankings.

However, getting mentioned with a negative tone from these outlets can be positive or negative as well. If they gave out a negative review on your website, your reputation would have an avalanche effect. In this case, Bad press is not good press.

Now, not only are text mentions integral, so are images and videos. So, you may wonder how texts or videos can be a factor in SEO, it is.

This is where an anchor text steps in. Anchor texts are HTML code that links towards an image or a video. This sends the internet user straight to your web source. I can also mention that the hyperlink text or anchor text border can appear in different colors. These color choices are all dependent on the CSS and HTML editing of the website and the preference of the own web owner.

Now that you have known the broad definition of link pages, here are several types of links you can see on the internet:

These are direct link mentions. For example, if you have a collaborative blog post with Toyota, the keyword may appear “Toyota.”

Naked Links

These are direct link mentions for a website. You may still use this, but nowadays, the common preference is hyperlinking.

Generic Links

This is the typical form of hyperlink. It may appear as a hyperlinked “Click here” or just plain “here.”

Partial matches

these do not directly mention the keyword of your website. For example, if you sell e-books online, you can ideally type “recommended e-books” discreetly.


This form of link building needs basic knowledge of HTML. For example, you can link your website article about birds with a bird picture.

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