How To Improve Your Branding To Get Ready For 2022

How To Improve Your Branding To Get Ready For 2022

Branding your online business can be a crucial decision that every business owner should consider. This decision may make or break your brand.

In GoSEO, we have prepared a branding guide for newcomers so you wouldn’t have a hard time branding or rebranding according to 2021’s standards.

Firstly, we need to introduce the new idea of optimizing a website. Google’s Summer update has stressed that mobile optimization is a must because most people are in a mobile-driven Internet community. For example, in the Philippines, where the mobile internet users had drastically increased to 80% this year mobile internet users had drastically increased to 80% this year, optimizing PC and mobile is a must for a business that wants all eyes on them.

Know your Demographic

To start, you need to ask yourself if the crowd that you target has changed? You need to read the room you are in to establish delivering the tone for marketing practices. This factor also applies online. To be honest, it applies anywhere.

Given the rapid and massive paradigm shift that the global pandemic did, it is essential to consider this before starting a brand if you need to use the same method this year as if nothing has changed.

If you organize your mood board for what your brand panders to, this brings us to the other point we need to discuss. It is safe to say that you already have a clue how to behave in your demographic. But what if your key demographic has changed?

How Must I Improve My Website if My Demographic Changed?

Nowadays, there are two essential tools to consider when starting a new brand. GoSEO can guide you through the basics of these two factors. Firstly, you need to create a persona of your demographic, and then you should introduce yourself to the magic of scheduling posts.


Do you hear the Japanese Jazz Ensemble from your favorite video game? Well, this isn’t what we’re discussing. Instead, a Persona is an overall mood board of what your main product caters to. It is a mish-mash of the embodiment of who your market serves.

For example, does your demographic belong to young people? Millennials? Gen X? Gen Z?

What are this person’s interests? Does it fit your brand? If so, what tweaks do you need to do so it can appeal to this Persona?

Another marketing must is post-scheduling. You can manipulate the posts on your website and social media. You can schedule an event for announcements and this is an integral factor in social media accounts depending on your demographic.


You can create your account using specific color schemes and fonts. TikTok is generally for teenagers to millennials. It is safe to say that Tik Tok and other social media platforms like Snapchat need a casual and bold tone for marketing. Unfortunately, these people on TikTok are the most immersed and most naive of the demographic.


Or Meta? Anyways, Facebook is the most common and accessible marketing platform known to man. Disclaimer: If you’re a business owner, don’t add your public account to your business account because it can drain you mentally.

You will get forced to look at and have engagements with it 24/7. The mass-consumed online platform’s design is rigged that way. Facebook needs to have a layman’s or public and neutral tone regardless of demographic.


Linkedin is probably the only social media content platform here where its tone needs strict formal content creation. However, you can have a few screws loose and use a more casual style for sole accounts where you need to market your voice. These are blog posts where you can document your progress as an employer, a graphic designer, or a writer in the company you’re in or the freelance job you have.


For image and audio-based content, you can use a casual tone in your content format for creating content. Consider Instagram as humanity’s next step of advancement from a Magazine.

However, reserve a level of sass and teasing on Instagram. You can do wonders on your keywords instead if you want to market your business there. Not only will a good photographer and a graphic artist help, but it will also do magic for your brand.


Twitter is a modern tabloid just as much as Instagram is a magazine. So, you’ll approach this thing as you approach Facebook. In 150 characters and no less.

Twitter is more of a rant platform. Also, tons of people use it for anonymous stalking and content marketing. There is a boatload of drama and excitement for that platform that is contagious.

However, it’s hard to keep all of your organs at the wraps without a set of bones. So, it is safe to presume that you should be formal, but at the same time unhinged like what Wendy’s snappy social media marketing campaign did in 2017.



YouTube is TV. If video killed the radio star, YouTube certainly was instrumental in transcending TV in the Internet. Given that YouTube is Free Real Estate for video clips, you should be wary of how you brand yourself as a business. The rise of product placements in or outside the video clips is a different level of orchestrated manipulation.

Therefore, YouTube is entirely a different ballpark to hit on if you want to use that platform. It is where it is open, but it has a lot of ethical and moral restrictions despite being an unhinged platform.

Use the Analytic Tools.

Using analytical tools had been the main push for SEO. It was the metric for relevance when the iPod was around. iTunes was the measuring stick for musicians during that age. Such as Google Analytics is the measuring tool for websites in the early 2010s.

Google Analytics is still valid, but several social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube have a separate analytical tool to observe your statistics.

If there isn’t an analytical tool for said social media platform, look for a separate analytical tool for that platform. In any case, choose the ones with cheap costs and can be multi-functional for other platforms.

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