What is an Internal Link?

What is an Internal Link?

An Internal link is a hyperlink or anchor text that leads you to a different page on the website. Most of these can be as basic as the Frequently Asked Questions page (or FAQ), the About page, and The contact page of the website. The other content can be web articles, blog posts, an image gallery, a video gallery, a java or flash file with a presentation or a game, and a mish-mash of everything listed.

As a Hierarchal system, the Homepage needs to have its branches well thought out so that the Google Web Bot can easily navigate your website. Any trouble with your website’s navigation will trigger a factor in having problems with your SEO ranking.

Here are a few things to consider to make sure that your Internal Linking System is functioning like a well-oiled machine:

Review your Content. Re-reading and editing old articles, especially ones that have site traffic on them, can help you increase more traffic on other pages. Again, you can see this as an opportunity where you attach other related pages from your site.

Check if your hyperlinks are working. Updating content is one of the troubles that SEO and web developers face when increasing site traffic. Updating a site is a complex task if you have a massive website like eBay. They will not need only an SEO and Web Developer. They will need an IT Expert as well.

Review the description of the hyperlinks. This small problem can be troublesome if you have cluttered, mislabeled internal hyperlinks. If anything, a copywriter can help you with lessening the possibility of this.

Edit your work. Editing articles are not just for the sake of having well-written content. You can attach new pieces via Internal linking, and that can help the traffic of your website.

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