Above All Else, GoSEO Is A Creative Agency In Manila

Be it a logo or other marketing materials, GoSEO would be the perfect company to call on. It is a creative agency in Manila that specializes in design and branding. Our goal is to create a unique brand identity for clients by simplifying their message through visual communication. 

goseo technology inc
goseo technology inc

Our Creative Services

Whether you’d like to hire our in-house team or outsource creative services, we offer a full range of branding services from logo and business card design to marketing strategy and more. 


Branding is the first step to creating a personality and a persona for your company. It will also help you set a foundation for all of your communications and marketing efforts. We always experience brand identity crises at some point in the project. It is our job at GoSEO to bridge that gap, and bring clarity into a situation that may be challenging or confusing. 

Logo Creation

The logo is one of the most important tools in marketing, but not many people are good at designing effective logos. Logos are basic in nature and our objective is to make them better through strategic branding exercises that we conduct at the onset of a new project. 

Website Design/Development

We believe in producing a website that is both clear and effective. Websites should be able to convey their message to clients, Google and other search engines without an excessive amount of effort. The right kind of design can bring you more visitors and retain those who are already visiting your site. 

Graphic Design

In need of a creative process outsourcing company? 

We design and produce anything from posters to brochures, flyers and point-of-purchase materials. The key thing about the graphic design we produce is that they are done in an approachable way that ensures that your customers can understand them. 

Packaging Design

We know the importance of an eye-catching package for your product or service. Your packaging is what’s left of your brand after the consumer has bought it. It is also the first thing that consumers will read when they check out your products.  

Hence, it is essential for us to design a packaging that is worthy of the product it houses. 

Print materials

Hailed as the pioneer in creative production, we design printed material in various forms such as flyers, brochures, postcards and even invitations. A good example of what we can do is our Print-A-Flyer Program. This program allows clients to create their own flyer in a matter of minutes (and at a very affordable price). 

Design Consultation

We are good at giving some form of creative input in design consultation. With our desire to provide better creative services in Philippines, we always offer our clients a free quote on what they want. This gives us an opportunity to guide them in the process of creating a brand or a logo. 


Why do you need a creative agency?

Many companies need to do creative work but don’t have the internal resources–and budget–required. These businesses turn to agencies for help. At a creative services agency, you’ll typically find groups of experts that specialize in graphic design, branding, copywriting, illustration/animation, web design and development. 

Creative agency in Manila offerings vary widely in scope and price point depending on company size and focus. Some agencies specialize in only one service while others will offer full-service campaigns at varying levels of cost or complexity. 

Is a creative imagination of ideas for advertising?

An inventive imagination is the most important tool to have when it comes to advertising. What’s an advertisement without a creative mentality? You need a little bit of everything including visuals, sound, and text in order to make your ad successful.  

Creative advertising brings art and business together to get the word out for businesses or products and services. 

goseo technology inc

Tips for briefing your design agency

Getting outsource creative services is not enough. You also need to know how to brief a creative agency. A good briefing can make all the difference and save you hours of unnecessary back and forth.  

Here are tips for briefing your design agency:

Let’s Start Something 

Our creative process outsourcing firm thrives in building meaningful brand experience through creative marketing. Schedule an appointment with our team to know how we can take your brand to a newer height.  

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