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Want to bring in some traffic to your website without spending too much time or money?    

The answer is Pay Per Click advertising. With a good Pay Per Click service provider, you can make a big profit in a bit of time. You’ll need to set up a Google AdWords account, write ads, and adjust for maximum performance.  

The best Pay Per Click management service offers local, national, and international exposure for your ads regardless of your location. By keeping in contact with them, you’ll see how effective the PPC advertising network is performing.  

A successful pay-per-click advertising campaign involves monitoring the number of clicks that a specific ad receives and how many of those clicks lead to sales, customer returns, newsletter subscriptions, and registrations for events.  

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Why Choose GoSEO over other PPC companies?

At GoSEO, we make sure you get more bang for your buck. Our team of Pay Per Click Philippine professionals provides you with the best services available online.  

We’ve got all the necessary skills and experience to help you succeed in PPC advertising, whether simply setting up a Google AdWords campaign or refining existing ones. We do extensive keyword research before creating an effective campaign for our clients.    

We will evaluate up to 10 search engines and help you choose the most cost-effective among them. GoSEO utilizes smart search engine optimization techniques to help your ads stand out in the search results. We’ve done extensive keyword research and watched as these same search engines indexed competitor’s websites.   

With Pay Per Click white-label service, we make sure we have the right keywords from the beginning; else, it will take more time and effort to move your website up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). We promote specific keywords because it promotes them into high spots in search engines. Or at least you will be near them.  

Other than that:

We provide professional PPC management services specializing in Google AdWords. We guarantee the highest Click-Through-Rates possible. We offer 24/7 priority support throughout the entire process to make sure our client is 100% satisfied.

We get your ad listed and running within 48 hours of sign up. We don’t spend money on ads that won’t convert, which means you save money! We do the necessary research to help you target your market better and improve your ROI.

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Does Pay Per Click Really Work?

Well, the answer is a big “yes.” The more PPC campaigns you run, the more opportunities you’ll have to convert potential customers into paying ones. With that kind of return on investment, it’s no wonder why many types of businesses are turning to the Pay Per Click management service.   

And with so many options available today for such a low cost, running a successful campaign is easier than ever. One ad group on Facebook will run you anywhere between $0. 01-$0.04 per click, while Google AdWords charges just $0.02-$0.10 per click.  

Even the most expensive website,, charges just $3 per click. If you’re running a pay-per-click advertising campaign for your small business, you’ll find that you don’t have to spend too much at all to start converting visitors into paying customers.  

What is PPC, and how does it work?

PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click, which means that advertisers will only be charged for adverts that a user has clicked on. It’s a popular internet advertising method because it offers the most control over how much is spent and who sees ads in return without incurring high costs.   

It works by having a website owner create an ad on the search engine for their business. If someone clicks on that ad, an advertiser such as a marketer or company will be given access to the PPC account of that website, allowing them to bid through the unique code issued to them by the advertiser.  

As a Pay Per Click Service provider, GoSEO enables advertisers to purchase PPC ads from top search engines like Google and Yahoo! This gives your business exposure on the Web, which will surely increase your sales.  

How Pay Per Click Complements Organic SEO (and vice versa)

One thing that often confuses people about SEO is how pay per click (PPC) complements it. The best analogy may be to think of PPC as a house and organic SEO as the roof. Your roof has to be strong enough to keep your home from being flooded with water, but you have no place for the water to go if it is not up there.   

The same thing applies to organic SEO and PPC campaigns. You can have good SEO with no PPC, but you can’t have PPC with no SEO. At the same time, it is vital that SEO and PPC campaigns complement each other and not work against each other.  

To help you get the best mix of SEO/PPC for your online advertising efforts, make sure the keywords in your SEO campaigns are also being used in your PPC campaigns 

OPC (organic paid click) is one of the most critical metrics you need to measure when doing SEO and PPC. Still, sometimes it is hard to find your organic and paid traffic in Google Analytics reports because it uses different metrics (views, sessions, page views, etc.).  

Don’t forget to set up a landing page for your PPC campaigns similar to your SEO page.  

How can you get more traffic from your SEO efforts without losing business to your competitors?

You should know this very well: consumers look for organic search results because they want content and information – not ads. That is why you should always set up a landing page for your PPC campaigns that complements your SEO efforts. Use social signals in PPC marketing to build trust and credibility with prospects.

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