What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network that has a professional focus. It is owned by Microsoft. This platform can help its user search for an ideal job or internship, build professional connections, and gain knowledge to further a career. 

A well-made LinkedIn profile showcasing your skills, education, and experiences can help you connect with prospects. LinkedIn also allows you to write articles, post images or videos, join groups and plan offline events.

LinkedIn is founded on ideas such as connecting with friends, sharing and liking information, making updates, and IMing other users.

Moreover, your profile transforms into a résumé with your professional background, achievements, and colleagues’ suggestions.

The website also provides features you won’t find anywhere else, such as a fully functional career board where you can look for jobs and submit applications.

As a result, you may be able to share your LinkedIn profile while looking for jobs, saving you the trouble of methodically filling out a lengthy online form with your work history. Besides, LinkedIn is now compatible with many employment sites.

Users can access LinkedIn via a desktop computer, a mobile web browser, a mobile app, or the LinkedIn Lite Android app.

What Does LinkedIn Have To Offer?

  • Find employment opportunities and submit your application on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will constantly send you recommendations for jobs it thinks you would like, but you can also search for a particular job directly.
  • Make use of your profile as a resume. In essence, your LinkedIn page serves as an expanded (and interactive) CV. When applying for jobs, you might include it as a link in your cover letter or possibly an email. Some job application websites even provide you the option to connect to your LinkedIn page and import all your information. 
  • Get in touch with fresh professionals. You can find new people locally or globally who can support your career ambitions. Plus, you can connect with everyone at your current employer who may also be on LinkedIn.
  • Reconnect with former coworkers, instructors, classmates, and others you might believe are valuable in your professional network by using the My Network area. To sync your contacts with LinkedIn, just add your email.
  • Join groups with relevant interests or lines of work to meet new professionals to connect with. It’s possible that other group members will be attracted to you and want to interact with you.
  • Blog about your expertise on LinkedIn’s own publishing platform. It gives you the chance to have your content read by thousands of people. Your credibility in linked industries pertinent to your professional experience will rise as a result of published content appearing on your profile.

A variety of extra features are added to LinkedIn Premium. It includes a subscription-based version of the site with online professional development courses, the ability to instantly communicate with anyone on LinkedIn, even if they are not in your network, and finding information about who sees your profile.

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