5 Free Website Design Tools You Can Use

If you are a beginner in web design, it may be confusing to find the right website design tools. It is essential to invest in a web design tool or software that can help and will do good in designing a website. You may find free website design tools, but be careful if it is worth the investment.

When choosing website design tools consider the purpose and functionality. Keep in mind that there is no all-in-one solution. You should also consider your goals and it may require using two or more software to achieve your goals.

Here are some of the free and paid web design tools:

1. WordPress

This web design tool is available in free and paid versions. WordPress provides the best combination of power, ease of use, and flexibility. Those are necessary when building or launching websites. This tool is commonly used in e-commerce stores, blogs, and more. You can sign up for a free account or a hosted site.

2. Bootstrap

It is a free web design tool created by the Twitter engineering team. Bootstrap is a great help for creating a responsive, mobile-first website. This tool has CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that simplifies the coding process of the website. It offers several features, including a large library of components, responsive breakpoints, and a grid system.

3. Wix

Another web design tool available in free and paid versions is Wix. It is a cost-friendly alternative to WordPress and easy to use. Wix can create various sites such as stores and blogs. This tool features a drag-and-drop editor and you can finish and launch the site at no time.

You can opt for a paid subscription in which the company will handle the hosting, backing up, and handling security. However, the free plan of Wix offers hundreds of templates.

4. Dreamweaver

It is a good try for beginners because it has a free trial version. Dreamweaver is a partner of Adobe for editing, coding, and maintaining websites. Editing the website is a lot easier because you can do it by coding manually or using an intuitive visual interface.

5. Figma

This web design tool offers both free and paid versions. It is feature-loaded for prototyping and interface design. Designing the website is so simple using the vector-based interface.  Figma is ideal because of its cloud-based and collaborative approach.


When choosing the best web design tool, choose the one that is more creative and productive. Always check the features to know that it can fulfill the requirements of your web design project.

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