How Does Social Media Creates Echo Chambers

Social Media became the hottest marketing tool since its inception in 2003 as Tom Anderson, and Chris Dewolfe created Myspace. It was a revolutionary platform that allowed individuals to develop meaningful and captivating connections through the website. However, like any platform like forum pages, Myspace has its volatility.

There were people there with miseducated and misinformed notions and opinions about mental health and self-harm. This expression in itself was an alarming sight to see as more people became more prone to expressing themselves in a harmful manner towards other people. Be it online infighting and feuds on online communities or issues of bullying, and there were tons of these on Myspace.

Their introductory era to the advent of social media launched a generation full of naivety and confusion.

If you think that’s too deep enough for you, we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg. Don’t worry. We’ll help you out with that. So here is GoSEO’s guide on how Social Media manipulates and curates your perspective online.


Echo chambers were used in closed quarter studios to emulate large sounds in classic recording studios like Motown Records. Iconic records like The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, David Bowie’s Heroes, and ABBA’s Arrival are some of the suggested listening for this remarkable echo chamber-like wall of sound records.

In those studios, echo chambers emulated a huge sound despite getting recorded in a smaller, closed space. It’s also a coined term for insane asylums and correction facilities for rubber rooms where a mentally ill person or criminals get a secluded room to punish bad behavior.

You may be asking, what does this correlate towards Philippine SEO and Local Social Media Engagement? A lot. You see, a digital marketer does this but completely covertly and subtly of manipulation.

Ideally, social media is the driving force into more connections, friendships, and heck. It is safe to say that a generation likely got married nowadays because they’ve connected through Myspace, or Friendster, and other platforms.

The connection and presence of social media are supposed to be a universal innovation. But there are also nuances and loopholes as avenues for SEO companies and people in business can subliminally inject their agenda.

Here in GoSEO, we’ll give you a primer on how social media controls your gaze and take advantage of you all according to your preferences.

Therefore, we quantify echo chambers over social media by two main ingredients:

Homophily In The Interaction Networks

In Netflix’s Social Dilemma, the documentary uncovered that these Google web admins in Silicon Valley create millions of profits to push every Netizen’s buttons subliminally. So, please think of this firmly. These SEO Specialists, all they do is observe and think of ways to curate marketing products and trigger engagements related to large companies. All catered to their main product, the Netizen.

Now, this is not just a con job to persuade you with their plan. Additionally, here is where the stakes get colossally problematic and manipulative. It caters to everyone who consumes social media and the Internet. Therefore, it’s not only a “you” problem but also a communal engagement tactic. If a Hindu proverb said “Birds of the same feather flock together,” it should be modified as “Birds of the same feather, is a herd perfect for marketing.”

Modern Digital Marketers have devised a strategy need to keep your attention intact while they curate things accordingly. In this method, that will catch your vulnerabilities off guard and keep your Dopamine at a spiked rate. Dopamine is one of the two “happy substances” that your brain produces.

Not only have they focused on you, but they also hover around and observe other people around your community with similar interests that you share. If you have mutual connections, then there are several things that they covertly inject to slip into their products. Therefore, bridging newer engagements will keep you hooked and addicted to their platform.

Marketing becomes integral because it can store data about the collective interests that they subliminally inject you. Then, if you take the bite on diving down that rabbit hole, they manipulate and automatedly suggest data that comes next. This covert approach is an easy shortcut for businesses.

Additionally, the talking points about a certain product that you saw that you carry outside the platform will be an opportunity for social media marketers and investors to suggest you and the people around you more.

Bias In The Information Diffusion Towards Like-Minded Peers

There is bias in social media. Unfortunately, that’s a reality we live in. In all seriousness, your favorite pop artist and their lovelorn lyrics, your favorite celebrity, and their dark, alluring eyes, and their untappable sex appeal. An intelligent digital marketer carefully manipulates and calculates their market in the dark.

Additionally, these actions were carefully observed and calculated. There are marketing campaigns that function this way as well. For example, notice how BTS and Taylor Swift releases a song, and regardless if you like the song, people get a reaction out of it.

Social Media’s main product is humanity’s behavior, and to be fair, it has persuaded how people choose and mandate leaders. But, additionally, there are puppet masters and spin doctors that function as de-facto leaders of society. The rampant spread of Black propaganda in two different nations during the 2016 election by using different platforms inside social media is a dead giveaway.

If we go back to The Social Dilemma, social media platforms became the driving force to elect two presidents in 2016. Using platforms like YouTube and Facebook as marketing platforms, marketing persuaded the masses to choose these leaders. Not only that, but Twitter is a cesspool of pettiness and rampant malicious behavior by the masses and their prying eyes.

Just so you know, being digital marketers, it is integral to know that you need to have a keen eye to sense fake news and marketing propaganda to discern and spread valid data. To be fair, colossal marketing campaigns function this way as well.

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