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What Is Parasite SEO And How Can You Take Advantage Of It?

Parasite content has been on the Internet since the 2010s. It could be as basic as blog commenting and forum posting. In fact, Philippine SEO was tight on the nose on this one.

Back then, you can go away scot-free with a random “Jessica’s an only child from Illinois, Chicago. A classmate of your cousin, she likes boy groups, and her favorite is G Dragon. Still young at heart, her mother runs a kindergarten” kind of comment in a blog or a forum.

Did you see what we did there? This random trick pisses off every SEO Company. At that time, anyone can get their blog skyrocketed to the top of the rankings in 2010 by doing this method. Yeah, Parasite SEO content happened a decade ago. But in 2022, here’s how GoSEO will guide you on Parasite SEO standards for this year, and beyond.

Parasite SEO is a Blackhat SEO approach that has “infected” the Internet for more than a decade. Now that you know the gist, Is SEO that easy? Definitely not.

As Digital Marketing professionals, this method is cheap for handling business. Additionally, SEO Specialists go for White Hat or Organic engagements for content as much as possible. Parasite SEO is as easy as content bombing your Facebook Marketplace with false deals.

In 2022, examples of modern parasite content would be creating a “FInsta” or “AlterTwt” for Fake Twitter and Instagram Accounts to spam keywords is one method. You can also create fake Tik Tok accounts with content fluff to spam your keywords. Additionally, YouTube is full of content fluff for Parasite SEO. YouTube has unskippable ads in video essays to remind all of you that you can do this everywhere.

Another approach to spreading Parasite SEO is on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, eBay, and Carousell among others. You possibly can bomb the product link with your keywords. The blog is just suggesting, this can entirely affect your site rankings.

There’s a lot of spam marketing to cover, but if you focus on doing odd methods for SEO, you won’t be safe for Google’s Web Crawler. Web Crawler updates go random every year. Not only does it do Google Summer Updates, but once they see faults in the system, there will be random websites losing rankings for no reason. It is because Google can track black hat SEO, and undated websites suffer from this common mistake.

White Hat and Black Hat? What’s The Difference?

The real question is, how should we use White Hat and Black Hat without harming our reputation as SEO Specialists?

White Hat SEO deals with “organic” or raw engagements. At the same time, Blackhat SEO is hacking the system of search engines for quick results. Now, Would GoSEO advise Black Hat SEO? No. Usually, not all the time.

Why? Because Blackhat SEO deals with unethical methods that can harm your rankings in search engines. Yes, it can increase your rankings for a brief time. However, is that fifteen seconds of fame worth the risk? Therefore, it is not advisable for aspiring people in business and entrepreneurs to go for Blackhat SEO.

One site that can be an excellent example of a source infested by parasite content is Medium. Since 2019, Medium has allowed its users to publish content for free. However, do take caution once writing for that site. So, for the record, yes. You can blast Parasite Content for Medium and other free-publishing websites.

Usually, Local SEO companies go for organic engagements as much as possible. However, Digital Marketers can create this by communicating with other business partners that want to elevate their marketing digitally. This is how organically acceptable and fair use of SEO is done. You can rise up to the top of the rankings without doing anything that can affect your reputation and SEO rankings negatively.

The only exception, however, is Parasite SEO can work If you are affiliated with the account owners and business owners you deal with. If they allow you to do so then, you can do Parasite SEO safely. You can associate linking your keywords freely without anyone stopping you. Just a clear reminder, like in real life, consent is still key. Boys and girls.


Parasite SEO is still relevant in eCommerce heavy countries. Places like Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, even Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, heavily rely on SEO and eCommerce.

Now, would you allow yourself to go by this method of marketing? That’s up to you. But always remember that Google Web Crawler will be carefully doing updates. For example, Google took down thousands of sites in the summer update. In 2022, There will be unannounced updates as well.

Stay safe. Stay Vigilant.

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