10 Best Blog Hosting Providers to Choose to Skyrocket Your Website

10 Best Blog Hosting Providers For Your Website

The process of web development Philippines was not that complicated. Making a Tumblr, a Blogspot, a Weebly, a Godaddy, or a WordPress account is only the first step. If you want to press further in SEO, all you need is to buy your web domain.

Which brings out the point, the primary purpose of a hosting site is to make sure that you don’t worry about common crashes. If there is some that a web developer cannot fix, then you can call them to check their archives if they can retain the data you have lost when your website crashes. Additionally, as you run live on the Internet, these platforms ensure that the information and files you present for your business are secure and cannot harm other netizens via malware and phishing.

However, those hosting sites mentioned previously, were the most common ones. When you start off blogging seriously, it is a different ballgame. There is a need for website development Philippines with how complex the different kinds of blogs are, and there will be the one ideal for you.

Hence, GoSEO has prepared the ten best hosting sites in 2022.

Hence, GoSEO has prepared the ten best hosting sites in 2022.


This domain offers three kinds of services for your website if you think it’s steep to run a website. First, you can pay the basic subscription of 2.45 USD.

However, the “baby mode” worth 2.95 USD is more bang for the buck as it allows the consumer access to a free IP address, an SSL upgrade, and other SEO tools. In addition, their “business membership” guarantees all of these options are for free for 4.48 USD monthly.

HostGator also offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, even for the basic subscription. It also allows you to have a 200 USD bonus search credit and a 45 USD moneyback guarantee if you strike problems with handling your domain.

The only con that GoSEO sees here is the limited configuration options, and the consumer will be forced to upgrade to Business mode to get full benefits.


This hosting platform is well-known only as a domain provider, but it can also host a website. Their hosting plans are worth looking at as its

.com fee is 9.99 USD, while their .net fee is worth 12.99.

Its reputation is known as one of the most stable and secure platforms out there. You can store all the data you want on it, and it will be analyzed and archived using a scalable bandwidth. You can count on that as a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Furthermore, they offer free TSL/SSL security, so you can guarantee that there will not be any bypassed data and the website owners are safe with them.

The only caveat you can worry about domain is that there is no monthly billing on some services/features.


Hostinger has the maximum number of subscriptions on the list. With 30 million domains signed up on the domain, you can be one of the basic Cloud Startup members for 1.39 USD. Secondly, a Cloud Professional hosting subscription is available when you upgrade to 2.59 USD. Lastly, Cloud Global accounts are worth 3.59 USD.

There’s not much change in the features except it increases from basic and limited domains from Cloud Startup with 200GB storage, 300 GB RAM, and 2 CPU cores. The global account has 10 CPU cores. In addition, all registered accounts have Free SSL/ HTTPS, Free alternative domains, 300 website capacities, and Daily Backup.

Is blog hosting free?

As you’ve read three of these entries, it is evident that we are suggesting paid hosting sites. These are for the individuals who want to take their website design Philippines to the next step wherein they pay for a semi-permanent website from which they intend to elevate their business. If you yearn for free domains, you can make one in WordPress, Blogspot, or Tumblr to get a feel if launching a website is right for you.


Hostwinds have the best customer service and have the most well-knit domain providers out there. However, their basic subscription costs 90 USD, and their premium membership costs 135 USD. In addition, they offer high-speed servers on each subscription, and they offer SSL security. The good thing is that they help their subscribers hands-on, but the cons are features of their FAQ/Support are overwhelming.


Dreamhost is probably your dream host for your website. Here’s why. You can pay as cheap as 1.99 USD for a basic subscription, while a yearly subscription is 1.67 USD.

As a normal hosting site, it offers 25GB of storage. As timely as it is, it is one of the few websites that provide mobile and desktop synchronization. Additionally, you can rest assure that you can avoid spam, malware, and phishing when you sign up for a membership. They also have a software platform that focuses on ad-free webmail and Antispam software.

Getting your webmail account ensures you and your team that you can manage your website. You have control over the data you let out and, in turn, have control over the information you receive.

You won’t have any advertising from sister apps of the domain provider, and you won’t have to access an alternate email provider like Gmail. It will leave a professional impression on you from your reactors.

The hosting domain can be inexpensive, but the additional fees from their features will cost you. That’s the only con for this hosting platform for your blog.


Liquidweb has the most inexpensive hosting feature on this list. There will be repercussions at the end of this segment. Your standard bill costs you 1 USD per month, Liquidweb plus is worth 2 USD per month, and you can sign up for Liquidweb with Microsoft Exchange for 10 USD.

The hosting platform is known for responsive and expert customer support. The domain provider plans to add even more features in the future. This is because they cover so many features and areas, and they are open to updating and rehabilitating these features as frequently as possible.

It has unlimited and many powerful features. For example, it does not allow you to migrate your data from WordPress. Instead, they test it by their standards, and they inform you if your data is secured. It has a wide range of plans.

The hosting site constantly allows itself to update for new features and applications to manage your website.

It only depends on you on what to upgrade for your website. It is a reliable provider and allows you excellent capabilities as a hosting platform. However, this domain has no free trial available.


Namecheap sounds inexpensive, and they are one of the most affordable hosting domains out there. Their initial account is 2.88 USD per month, and their Stellar or Premium account costs you 8.88 USD per month, and there will be constant discounts for an annual subscription.

Namecheap has interactive and helpful customer support. It also has 99.9% connectivity, so you don’t have to worry about site problems. In addition, it has a proportionately interactive FAQ and email and Chatting support team that has an excellent searchable archive in its arsenal.

The Business and premium account allows Namecheap to keep its promises. However, when you enter the business account, it will be inevitable to be offered the Softaculous App. The Softaculous app provides extra services, but these services have additional fees as well.

It is better to collaborate with a local website development Philippines expert to determine which additional features would fit your website in general first before dabbling on the extra fees.

Which is the best hosting for WordPress? 

The last listed sites are listed to host WordPress, meaning that when you transition from your free blog to an official domain, you can have a hassle-free experience with these websites. Some allow you to auto migrate your data and content. At the same time, others will enable you to tweak it and update the meat and bones of your website on your own.


You can store up to 85 GB of archival data, 800 GB of bandwidth, and you can host as many as 25 accounts on your Lite subscription. In addition, they provide cPanel and Softaculous applications so that they can guarantee that your site is performing correctly. To make sure of that, they have an excellent technical team to guide you.

You can have an expensive 23.65 USD per month fee or a 2-year 15.39 monthly fee option for their Prime service.

Inmotion has automated migration features if you plan to transfer your site from Tumblr or Blogspot. You won’t have to worry about setting it us as the hosting domain will do it for you.

Inmotion hosting is a 15-year hosting platform. It is ideal for a new business hosting platform for e-shops, mainly because they have a domain reselling feature. Also, they can assist you in setting up and migrating your WordPress content on their server. They offer web design services on their side as well.

It has an automated setup for webmail, and they remind you of your billing for them. If you have further issues, they have interactive 24/7 US-based Customer Support. However, the hosting platform has additional plans and services but is usually limited, and some of them don’t have a monthly billing option.


Greengeeks is one of the most uncomplicated domain hosts on this list. The Basic subscription costs 2.95 USD, Pro subscription is 6.95 USD, and the premium subscription is 16.95 USD.

Their name and slogan brag that they are the most environment-friendly hosting site on the planet. But, to be fair, they do not just talk the talk. They walk the walk. They regularly donate to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and support their causes.

It has shared hosting depending on the caliber of your subscription. A

Cloudflare Storage System for your website’s archival files. It is one of the sites appropriate for transitioning WordPress & UPS blogs. The Admins do nightly backups. However, the main con I can see from this is that the Customer support system is not 24/7, and if you operate in a different area, it can be troublesome for you when your website crashes.


You are best signing up for your first domain from Bluehost. The introductory offer is 2.75 USD, and the Plus membership is for

5.45 USD. Most sites offer additional fees, but they offer 20 USD for WordPress monthly.

The nearly 20-year Weebly-based hosting site offers unmetered bandwidth ideal for huge domains with heavy archives.

If you have other options for other web domains and your business operates abroad, you can use different web domains for free. Your site transition from a free website like Tumblr to a web domain will be free of charge too.

This web provider allows auto migration of your WordPress data. In addition, it has other platforms, such as the Mojo-marketplace power system. Those platforms are helpful if you plan to transition your template site into a business website.

Since this is a fantastic migration tool for future website owners, they have an excellent technical and customer support team to guide you in the process. They also allow cPanel Plugins when you are a plus member. This can help you access advanced features that you can apply to your website.

You can get builder mode in the basic membership worth 2.75 USD. You can tweak your website in an advanced approach when you sign up for the plus membership, and you can collaborate with your web designer freely as there are no template-driven formats for this website hosting platform.

The only downside for Bluehost is that they operate on a US-based schedule, which is the only time available for their customer support. Therefore, you cannot access their support team if they are all offline.

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