What is Long Tail Keyword?

What is a Long-Tail Keyword?

On Twitter, People use two to five words without spaces in the platform and attach a hashtag at the start of their keyword.

It is a statement featuring three words in coming up with keywords. However, simple is just the beginning, and you also need an intelligent use of common words to maximize the keywords.

Adding 2-5 words after your simple, single-term keyword can be more precise depending on using it. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your keyword research:

Now, saying one or two words will not do much for your keywords in general. People tend to use descriptors when using google. For example, “Spiderman Villains” will get you a preliminary result, but “Spiderman Villains in Cartoon Series” will weed out a more specific search result. The more detailed the keyword is, the more you can hit niches from your primary keyword. Make you don’t stick with a one-track mind approach on this.

-Relate other keywords.

Using related keywords from your main keyword is also valid, but only if you use similar keywords which belong to the same niche. For example, “DIY Interior decorating tips” make more sense than “cleaning and lasers,” which is oddly specific.

-Add a location.

Locations are vital if you have a business that you want to trend at a national level. For example, say you have a flower shop in Bristol. You can use “custom floral services in Bristol,” Which can help you rank in that specific area.

-Never Settle for one keyword.

If it was in 2005, that could be valid, but we are in 2021, where everything business-related needs to be specific. If you own an Instagram account, you can see influencers with millions of followers spam their keywords blow by blow, correlating to the picture they have uploaded. Let’s say they posted a photo of a shark. They would put additional random keywords like “Finding Nemo,” “Jaws,” and “shark week.” As a website owner, it can benefit you and your content as one keyword would be good. However, long-tail keywords are helpful if they are relatable since most Internet users search for oddly specific things.

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